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Microsoft: We’ve Always Had Freemium, It’s Called Piracy

New comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that luring people in with zero-cost products is of great interest to the company. However, while services such as OneDrive are free with premium options by design, Nadella says Microsoft has long had a freemium business model, but one that was forced upon it by pirates.
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MM Romance

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MM romance
Size40 MB in 73 files
ReleasesAdded on 02/13/11 at 12:34:33 into the category by Unknown.
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iconA M Riley - Goldilocks and His Three Bears.pdf391.9 KB
iconA M Riley - Suck This.pdf522.6 KB
iconBarbara Sheridan & Anne Cain - Blood Brothers.pdf297.1 KB
iconBarbara Sheridan & Anne Cain - Orange Moon.pdf922.3 KB
iconBarbara Sheridan & Anne Cain - Soul of the Night.pdf985.9 KB
iconCarol Lynne - Rough Ride.pdf442.2 KB
iconDJ Manly - Essence.pdf553 KB
iconDJ Manly - Melting Ice.pdf655.1 KB
iconDJ Manly - Nicholas.pdf871.6 KB
iconDJ Manly - So Much More Than Naked.pdf752.6 KB
iconDrew Zachary - Freighter Flights.pdf968.7 KB
iconDrew Zachary - On Fire.pdf872.9 KB
iconDrew Zachary - Skin Deep.pdf591.1 KB
iconDrew Zachary -Transforming Hades.pdf857.9 KB
iconGA Hauser - Capitol Games.pdf602.5 KB
iconGA Hauser - Naked Dragon.pdf619.2 KB
iconGA Hauser - Secrets & Misdemeanors.pdf982.2 KB
iconGA Hauser - The Kiss.pdf687.9 KB
iconJade Falconer - Cold Hands, Warm.pdf230.5 KB
iconJade Falconer - Morningstar.pdf508.7 KB
iconJade Falconer - Sanctuary.pdf492.2 KB
iconJade Falconer - Tangled Web.pdf860.3 KB
iconJade Falconer - Wicked Game.pdf671.6 KB
iconJosh Lanyon - Adrien English Mysteries1&2.pdf1.3 MB
iconJosh Lanyon - Adrien English Mysteries3.pdf1.1 MB
iconJosh Lanyon - Dangerous Ground.pdf606.6 KB
iconJules Jones - A Trifling Affair.html39.5 KB
iconJules Jones - Buildup Mindscan.pdf533.2 KB
iconJules Jones - Buildup Pulling Strings.pdf592.8 KB
iconJules Jones - Dolphin Dreams.pdf1.2 MB
iconJules Jones - Lord and Master.pdf744.5 KB
iconJules Jones - One Size Fits All.html21.3 KB
iconJules Jones - Promises to Keep.pdf227.2 KB
iconJules Jones - Spindrift.pdf771.8 KB
iconJules Jones - Syndicate 1 .pdf926.6 KB
iconJules Jones, Ally Blue, Emily Veinglory - A Kiss at Midnight Anthology.pdf1 MB
iconLee Rowan - Ransom.pdf1.4 MB
iconLee Rowan - Winds of Change.pdf577.8 KB
iconML Rhodes - Falling.pdf771.4 KB
iconML Rhodes - Heart and Bones.pdf548.1 KB
iconML Rhodes - Never Let Go.pdf422.4 KB
iconML Rhodes - Out of My Mind.pdf470.1 KB
iconML Rhodes - Souls Deep.pdf469.9 KB
iconML Rhodes - True of Heart.pdf501.5 KB
iconMarty Rayne - A Master's Love.pdf468.6 KB
iconSamuel R Delany - Hogg.pdf17.8 KB
iconScott & Scott - Nick of Time.pdf835.9 KB
iconSean Michael - A Private Hunger.pdf2.6 MB
iconSean Michael - Amnesia.lit169.3 KB
iconSean Michael - Bite.lit169.5 KB
iconSean Michael - Broken Road.lit156 KB
iconSean Michael - Caged.lit181.5 KB
iconSean Michael - Center of Earth and Sky.lit190.2 KB
iconSean Michael - Dont Ask Dont Tell.lit238.8 KB
iconSean Michael - First Step.lit122.2 KB
iconSean Michael - Jarheads - On the Sand.lit261.3 KB
iconSean Michael - Jarheads - 3 Day Passes.lit360.4 KB
iconSean Michael - Jarheads - Personal Leave.lit180.1 KB
iconSean Michael - Jarheads - Tempering.lit390.4 KB
iconSean Michael - Need.lit185.9 KB
iconSean Michael - Out of the Closet.lit355.6 KB
iconSean Michael - Personal Best - Going for the Gold.lit173.5 KB
iconSean Michael - Second Sight.lit280.5 KB
iconSean Michael - Secrets Skin and Leather.lit173.2 KB
iconSean Michael - The Butcher and the Beast.lit108.6 KB
iconSean Michael - Tripwire.lit214.5 KB
iconSyd McGinley - Lost and Found 1_Pet Rescue.pdf382.1 KB
iconTheda Black - After Anna.pdf317.8 KB
iconTory Temple - Flashover.pdf945.6 KB
iconTory Temple - Heat.pdf775.5 KB
iconTory Temple - Still Waters.pdf377.9 KB
iconTory Temple - Tabula Rasa.mobi195.6 KB
iconTory Temple - Tinder.pdf415.2 KB