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Microsoft: We’ve Always Had Freemium, It’s Called Piracy

New comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that luring people in with zero-cost products is of great interest to the company. However, while services such as OneDrive are free with premium options by design, Nadella says Microsoft has long had a freemium business model, but one that was forced upon it by pirates.
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Accept - Discography
Size4.1 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 02/18/11 at 22:15:08 into the Music category by Unknown.
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icon1979 Accept/01 Lady Lou.mp37 MB
icon1979 Accept/02 Tired of Me.mp37.4 MB
icon1979 Accept/03 Seawinds.mp310.4 MB
icon1979 Accept/04 Take Him in My Heart.mp38 MB
icon1979 Accept/05 Sounds of War.mp310.5 MB
icon1979 Accept/06 Free Me Now.mp37 MB
icon1979 Accept/07 Glad to Be Alone.mp312 MB
icon1979 Accept/08 That's Rock 'n' Roll.mp36.6 MB
icon1979 Accept/09 Helldriver.mp36.2 MB
icon1979 Accept/10 Street Fighter.mp38 MB
icon1979 Accept/back.jpg1.2 MB
icon1979 Accept/front.jpg1.8 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/01 I'm a Rebel.mp39.1 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/02 Save Us.mp310.5 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/03 No Time to Lose.mp310.6 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/04 Thunder and Lightning.mp39.3 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/05 China Lady.mp39.1 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/06 I Wanna Be No Hero.mp39.3 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/07 The King.mp39.6 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/08 Do It.mp39.6 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/back.jpg115.7 KB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/front.jpg605.6 KB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/frontr.jpg1.4 MB
icon1981 Breaker/01 Starlight.mp38.9 MB
icon1981 Breaker/02 Breaker.mp38.2 MB
icon1981 Breaker/03 Run If You Can.mp311 MB
icon1981 Breaker/04 Can't Stand the Night.mp312.3 MB
icon1981 Breaker/05 Son of a Bitch.mp38.9 MB
icon1981 Breaker/06 Burning.mp312 MB
icon1981 Breaker/07 Feelings.mp311 MB
icon1981 Breaker/08 Midnight Highway.mp39.1 MB
icon1981 Breaker/09 Breaking Up Again.mp310.6 MB
icon1981 Breaker/10 Down and Out.mp38.6 MB
icon1981 Breaker/back.jpg79.1 KB
icon1981 Breaker/front.jpg232 KB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/01 Fast as a Shark.mp38.8 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/02 Restless and Wild.mp39.6 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/03 Ahead of the Pack.mp37.8 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/04 Shake Your Heads.mp39.9 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/05 Neon Nights.mp313.9 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/06 Get Ready.mp38.5 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/07 Demon's Night.mp310.2 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/08 Flash Rockin' Man.mp310.2 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/09 Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away.mp37.5 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/10 Princess of the Dawn.mp314.4 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/back.jpg84.6 KB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/front.jpg83.1 KB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/01 Balls to the Wall.mp313.1 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/02 London Leatherboys.mp39.1 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/03 Fight It Back.mp38 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/04 Head Over Heels.mp39.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/05 Losing More Than You've Ever Had.mp311.7 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/06 Love Child.mp38.2 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/07 Turn Me On.mp311.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/08 Losers and Winners.mp39.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/09 Guardian of the Night.mp310.1 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/10 Winterdreams.mp310.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/back.jpg539.6 KB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/front.jpg174.9 KB
icon1985 Metal Heart/01 Metal Heart.mp312.4 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/02 Midnight Mover.mp37.1 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/03 Up to the Limit.mp38.7 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/04 Wrong Is Right.mp37.2 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/05 Screaming for a Love-Bite.mp39.3 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/06 Too High to Get It Right.mp38.7 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/07 Dogs on Leads.mp310.1 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/08 Teach Us to Survive.mp38.1 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/09 Living for Tonite.mp38.2 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/10 Bound to Fail.mp311.7 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/back.jpg80.3 KB
icon1985 Metal Heart/front.jpg1.6 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/01 T.V. War.mp37.9 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/02 Monsterman.mp37.9 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/03 Russian Roulette.mp312.3 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/04 It's Hard to Find a Way.mp39.9 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/05 Aiming High.mp310.2 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/06 Heaven Is Hell.mp316.5 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/07 Another Second to Be.mp37.6 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/08 Walking in the Shadow.mp310.2 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/09 Man Enough to Cry.mp37.4 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/10 Stand Tight.mp39.4 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/back.jpg183.9 KB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/front.jpg107.4 KB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/01 X-T-C.mp310.2 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/02 Generation Clash.mp314.6 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/03 Chain Reaction.mp310.7 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/04 Love Sensation.mp310.8 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/05 Turn the Wheel.mp312.4 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/06 Hellhammer.mp312.6 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/07 Prisoner.mp311.1 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/08 I Can't Believe in You.mp311 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/09 Mistreated.mp320.4 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/10 Stand 4 What U R.mp39.4 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/11 Break the Ice.mp39.6 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/12 D-Train.mp310.1 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/back.jpg125.6 KB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/front.jpg530.1 KB
icon1993 Objection Overruled/06 Bulletproof.mp311.6 MB
icon1993 Objection Overruled/09 Donation.mp311 MB