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Hollywood Tries to Crush Popcorn Time, Again

Hollywood still has concerns over the popular Popcorn Time application. One of the main "Netflix for Pirates" forks has just moved through three different hosting companies in two weeks, after an anti-piracy group raised alerts. In addition, a new leak reveals that Hollywood was also behind the 'voluntary' shutdown of the original application earlier this year.
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Accept - Discography

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Accept - Discography
Size4.1 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 02/18/11 at 22:15:08 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
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icon1979 Accept/01 Lady Lou.mp37 MB
icon1979 Accept/02 Tired of Me.mp37.4 MB
icon1979 Accept/03 Seawinds.mp310.4 MB
icon1979 Accept/04 Take Him in My Heart.mp38 MB
icon1979 Accept/05 Sounds of War.mp310.5 MB
icon1979 Accept/06 Free Me Now.mp37 MB
icon1979 Accept/07 Glad to Be Alone.mp312 MB
icon1979 Accept/08 That's Rock 'n' Roll.mp36.6 MB
icon1979 Accept/09 Helldriver.mp36.2 MB
icon1979 Accept/10 Street Fighter.mp38 MB
icon1979 Accept/back.jpg1.2 MB
icon1979 Accept/front.jpg1.8 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/01 I'm a Rebel.mp39.1 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/02 Save Us.mp310.5 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/03 No Time to Lose.mp310.6 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/04 Thunder and Lightning.mp39.3 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/05 China Lady.mp39.1 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/06 I Wanna Be No Hero.mp39.3 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/07 The King.mp39.6 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/08 Do It.mp39.6 MB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/back.jpg115.7 KB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/front.jpg605.6 KB
icon1980 I'm a Rebel/frontr.jpg1.4 MB
icon1981 Breaker/01 Starlight.mp38.9 MB
icon1981 Breaker/02 Breaker.mp38.2 MB
icon1981 Breaker/03 Run If You Can.mp311 MB
icon1981 Breaker/04 Can't Stand the Night.mp312.3 MB
icon1981 Breaker/05 Son of a Bitch.mp38.9 MB
icon1981 Breaker/06 Burning.mp312 MB
icon1981 Breaker/07 Feelings.mp311 MB
icon1981 Breaker/08 Midnight Highway.mp39.1 MB
icon1981 Breaker/09 Breaking Up Again.mp310.6 MB
icon1981 Breaker/10 Down and Out.mp38.6 MB
icon1981 Breaker/back.jpg79.1 KB
icon1981 Breaker/front.jpg232 KB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/01 Fast as a Shark.mp38.8 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/02 Restless and Wild.mp39.6 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/03 Ahead of the Pack.mp37.8 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/04 Shake Your Heads.mp39.9 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/05 Neon Nights.mp313.9 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/06 Get Ready.mp38.5 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/07 Demon's Night.mp310.2 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/08 Flash Rockin' Man.mp310.2 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/09 Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away.mp37.5 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/10 Princess of the Dawn.mp314.4 MB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/back.jpg84.6 KB
icon1982 Restless and Wild/front.jpg83.1 KB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/01 Balls to the Wall.mp313.1 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/02 London Leatherboys.mp39.1 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/03 Fight It Back.mp38 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/04 Head Over Heels.mp39.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/05 Losing More Than You've Ever Had.mp311.7 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/06 Love Child.mp38.2 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/07 Turn Me On.mp311.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/08 Losers and Winners.mp39.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/09 Guardian of the Night.mp310.1 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/10 Winterdreams.mp310.9 MB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/back.jpg539.6 KB
icon1983 Balls to the Wall/front.jpg174.9 KB
icon1985 Metal Heart/01 Metal Heart.mp312.4 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/02 Midnight Mover.mp37.1 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/03 Up to the Limit.mp38.7 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/04 Wrong Is Right.mp37.2 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/05 Screaming for a Love-Bite.mp39.3 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/06 Too High to Get It Right.mp38.7 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/07 Dogs on Leads.mp310.1 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/08 Teach Us to Survive.mp38.1 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/09 Living for Tonite.mp38.2 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/10 Bound to Fail.mp311.7 MB
icon1985 Metal Heart/back.jpg80.3 KB
icon1985 Metal Heart/front.jpg1.6 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/01 T.V. War.mp37.9 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/02 Monsterman.mp37.9 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/03 Russian Roulette.mp312.3 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/04 It's Hard to Find a Way.mp39.9 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/05 Aiming High.mp310.2 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/06 Heaven Is Hell.mp316.5 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/07 Another Second to Be.mp37.6 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/08 Walking in the Shadow.mp310.2 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/09 Man Enough to Cry.mp37.4 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/10 Stand Tight.mp39.4 MB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/back.jpg183.9 KB
icon1986 Russian Roulette/front.jpg107.4 KB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/01 X-T-C.mp310.2 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/02 Generation Clash.mp314.6 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/03 Chain Reaction.mp310.7 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/04 Love Sensation.mp310.8 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/05 Turn the Wheel.mp312.4 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/06 Hellhammer.mp312.6 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/07 Prisoner.mp311.1 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/08 I Can't Believe in You.mp311 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/09 Mistreated.mp320.4 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/10 Stand 4 What U R.mp39.4 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/11 Break the Ice.mp39.6 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/12 D-Train.mp310.1 MB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/back.jpg125.6 KB
icon1989 Eat the Heat/front.jpg530.1 KB
icon1993 Objection Overruled/06 Bulletproof.mp311.6 MB
icon1993 Objection Overruled/09 Donation.mp311 MB