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Researchers Make BitTorrent Anonymous and Impossible to Shut Down

While the BitTorrent ecosystem is filled with uncertainty and doubt, researchers at Delft University of Technology have released the first version of their anonymous and decentralized BitTorrent network. "Tribler makes BitTorrent anonymous and impossible to shut down," lead researcher Prof. Pouwelse says.
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Kylie Minogue - Discografia (1988-2005)

Torrent Details

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Kylie Minogue - Discografia (1988-2005)
Size2.2 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 03/07/11 at 00:24:49 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 1 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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icon00_The Maxis/01 - Say The Word - I'll Be There.mp35.8 MB
icon00_The Maxis/02 - Word Is Out (12' Version).mp38.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/03 - If You Were With Me Now.mp37.1 MB
icon00_The Maxis/04 - I Guess I Like It Like That.mp38.3 MB
icon00_The Maxis/05 - Give Me Just A Little More Time (12' Version).mp36.4 MB
icon00_The Maxis/06 - Do You Dare (New Rave Mix).mp39.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/07 - Where Is The Feeling (Bir Soundtrack).mp318.6 MB
icon00_The Maxis/08 - Where Is The Feeling (Da Klubb Feelin Mix).mp315 MB
icon00_The Maxis/09 - Where Is The Feeling (Morales Mix).mp38.7 MB
icon00_The Maxis/10 - Where Is The Feeling (Bir Bish Bosh Mix).mp36.7 MB
icon00_The Maxis/11 - What Do I Have To Do Pumpin´Mix.mp310.8 MB
icon00_The Maxis/12 - What Do I Have To Do Instrumental.mp37.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/13 - Step Back In Time (Walkin Rhythm Mix).mp311.1 MB
icon00_The Maxis/14 - Step Back In Time (Instrumental).mp31.3 MB
icon00_The Maxis/15 - Extended Dna Mix.mp38.6 MB
icon00_The Maxis/16 - Harding,Curnow Mix.mp310.4 MB
icon00_The Maxis/17 - Confide In Me (Master Mix).mp38.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/18 - Confide In Me (The Truth Mix).mp39.4 MB
icon00_The Maxis/19 - Confide In Me (Big Brother Mix).mp314.5 MB
icon00_The Maxis/Portada.jpg42.8 KB
icon01_Kylie_1988/01 - I Should Be So Lucky.mp34.9 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/02 - The Locomotion.mp34.6 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/03 - Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.mp35.7 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/04 - It's No Secret.mp35.6 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/05 - Got To Be Certain.mp34.7 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/06 - Turn It Into Love.mp35.1 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/07 - I Miss You.mp34.6 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/08 - I'll Still Be Loving You.mp35.4 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/09 - Look My Way.mp35.1 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/10 - Love At First Sight.mp34.5 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/Portada.jpg50.9 KB
icon01_Kylie_1988/back.jpg94.1 KB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/01 - Hand On Your Heart.mp35.4 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/02 - Wouldn't Change A Thing.mp34.5 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/03 - Never Too Late.mp34.8 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/04 - Nothing To Lose.mp34.7 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/05 - Tell Tale Signs.mp33.3 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/06 - My Secret Heart.mp33.9 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/07 - I'm Over Dreaming (Over You).mp34.8 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/08 - Tears On My Pillow.mp33.5 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/09 - Heaven And Earth.mp35.2 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/10 - Enjoy Yourself.mp35.2 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/Portada.jpg8.9 KB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/back.jpg48.6 KB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/01 - Shocked.mp37.1 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/02 - What Do I Have to Do.mp35.6 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/03 - Rhythm of Love.mp33.2 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/04 - Step Back in Time.mp34.7 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/05 - Count the Days.mp36.5 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/06 - One Boy Girl.mp36.8 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/07 - Rhythm of Love.mp36.4 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/08 - Secrets.mp36.1 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/09 - The World Still Turns.mp36.1 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/10 - Things Can Only Get Better.mp35.9 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/11 - Always Find the Time.mp35.5 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/12 - Better the Devil You Know.mp35.9 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/Portada.jpg248.9 KB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/back.jpg284.9 KB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/01 - Word Is Out.mp35.2 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/02 - Give Me Just Little More Time.mp34.5 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/03 - Too Much Of A Good Thing.mp36.2 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/04 - Finer Feelings.mp35.6 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/05 - If You Were With Me Now.mp34.6 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/06 - Let's Get To It.mp36.8 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/07 - Right Here, Right Now.mp35.5 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/08 - Live & Learn.mp34.7 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/09 - No World Without You.mp34 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/10 - I Guess I Like It Like That.mp38.4 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/Portada.jpg100.1 KB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/back.jpg177.8 KB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/01 - I Should Be So Lucky.mp34.8 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/02 - Got To Be Certain.mp34.6 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/03 - The Loco-Motion.mp34.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/04 - Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.mp35.6 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/05 - Especially For You.mp35.6 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/06 - Turn It Into Love.mp35.1 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/07 - It's No Secret.mp35.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/08 - Hand On Your Heart.mp35.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/09 - Wouldn't Change A Thing.mp34.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/10 - Never Too Late.mp34.7 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/11 - Tears On My Pillow.mp33.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/12 - Better The Devil You Know.mp35.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/13 - Step Back In Time.mp34.3 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/14 - What Do I Have To Do.mp35.2 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/15 - Shocked.mp34.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/16 - Word Is Out.mp35 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/17 - If You Were With Me Now.mp34.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/18 - Give Me Just A Little More Time.mp34.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/19 - Finer Feelings.mp35.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/20 - What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before).mp35.2 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/21 - Where In The World .mp35 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/22 - Celebration.mp35.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/Portada.jpg25.9 KB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/back.jpg27.4 KB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/01 Confide In Me.mp38.2 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/02 - Surrender.mp36.1 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/03 - If I Was Your lover.mp36.6 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/04 Where Is The Feeling..mp35.8 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/05 Put Yourself In My Place.mp35.8 MB