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Microsoft: We’ve Always Had Freemium, It’s Called Piracy

New comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that luring people in with zero-cost products is of great interest to the company. However, while services such as OneDrive are free with premium options by design, Nadella says Microsoft has long had a freemium business model, but one that was forced upon it by pirates.
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Kylie Minogue - Discografia (1988-2005)

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Kylie Minogue - Discografia (1988-2005)
Size2.2 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 03/07/11 at 00:24:49 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
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icon00_The Maxis/01 - Say The Word - I'll Be There.mp35.8 MB
icon00_The Maxis/02 - Word Is Out (12' Version).mp38.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/03 - If You Were With Me Now.mp37.1 MB
icon00_The Maxis/04 - I Guess I Like It Like That.mp38.3 MB
icon00_The Maxis/05 - Give Me Just A Little More Time (12' Version).mp36.4 MB
icon00_The Maxis/06 - Do You Dare (New Rave Mix).mp39.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/07 - Where Is The Feeling (Bir Soundtrack).mp318.6 MB
icon00_The Maxis/08 - Where Is The Feeling (Da Klubb Feelin Mix).mp315 MB
icon00_The Maxis/09 - Where Is The Feeling (Morales Mix).mp38.7 MB
icon00_The Maxis/10 - Where Is The Feeling (Bir Bish Bosh Mix).mp36.7 MB
icon00_The Maxis/11 - What Do I Have To Do Pumpin´Mix.mp310.8 MB
icon00_The Maxis/12 - What Do I Have To Do Instrumental.mp37.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/13 - Step Back In Time (Walkin Rhythm Mix).mp311.1 MB
icon00_The Maxis/14 - Step Back In Time (Instrumental).mp31.3 MB
icon00_The Maxis/15 - Extended Dna Mix.mp38.6 MB
icon00_The Maxis/16 - Harding,Curnow Mix.mp310.4 MB
icon00_The Maxis/17 - Confide In Me (Master Mix).mp38.2 MB
icon00_The Maxis/18 - Confide In Me (The Truth Mix).mp39.4 MB
icon00_The Maxis/19 - Confide In Me (Big Brother Mix).mp314.5 MB
icon00_The Maxis/Portada.jpg42.8 KB
icon01_Kylie_1988/01 - I Should Be So Lucky.mp34.9 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/02 - The Locomotion.mp34.6 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/03 - Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.mp35.7 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/04 - It's No Secret.mp35.6 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/05 - Got To Be Certain.mp34.7 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/06 - Turn It Into Love.mp35.1 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/07 - I Miss You.mp34.6 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/08 - I'll Still Be Loving You.mp35.4 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/09 - Look My Way.mp35.1 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/10 - Love At First Sight.mp34.5 MB
icon01_Kylie_1988/Portada.jpg50.9 KB
icon01_Kylie_1988/back.jpg94.1 KB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/01 - Hand On Your Heart.mp35.4 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/02 - Wouldn't Change A Thing.mp34.5 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/03 - Never Too Late.mp34.8 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/04 - Nothing To Lose.mp34.7 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/05 - Tell Tale Signs.mp33.3 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/06 - My Secret Heart.mp33.9 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/07 - I'm Over Dreaming (Over You).mp34.8 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/08 - Tears On My Pillow.mp33.5 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/09 - Heaven And Earth.mp35.2 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/10 - Enjoy Yourself.mp35.2 MB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/Portada.jpg8.9 KB
icon02_Enjoy Yourself_1989/back.jpg48.6 KB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/01 - Shocked.mp37.1 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/02 - What Do I Have to Do.mp35.6 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/03 - Rhythm of Love.mp33.2 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/04 - Step Back in Time.mp34.7 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/05 - Count the Days.mp36.5 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/06 - One Boy Girl.mp36.8 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/07 - Rhythm of Love.mp36.4 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/08 - Secrets.mp36.1 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/09 - The World Still Turns.mp36.1 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/10 - Things Can Only Get Better.mp35.9 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/11 - Always Find the Time.mp35.5 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/12 - Better the Devil You Know.mp35.9 MB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/Portada.jpg248.9 KB
icon03_Rhythm Of Love_1990/back.jpg284.9 KB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/01 - Word Is Out.mp35.2 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/02 - Give Me Just Little More Time.mp34.5 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/03 - Too Much Of A Good Thing.mp36.2 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/04 - Finer Feelings.mp35.6 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/05 - If You Were With Me Now.mp34.6 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/06 - Let's Get To It.mp36.8 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/07 - Right Here, Right Now.mp35.5 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/08 - Live & Learn.mp34.7 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/09 - No World Without You.mp34 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/10 - I Guess I Like It Like That.mp38.4 MB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/Portada.jpg100.1 KB
icon04_Let's Get To It_1991/back.jpg177.8 KB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/01 - I Should Be So Lucky.mp34.8 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/02 - Got To Be Certain.mp34.6 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/03 - The Loco-Motion.mp34.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/04 - Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.mp35.6 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/05 - Especially For You.mp35.6 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/06 - Turn It Into Love.mp35.1 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/07 - It's No Secret.mp35.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/08 - Hand On Your Heart.mp35.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/09 - Wouldn't Change A Thing.mp34.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/10 - Never Too Late.mp34.7 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/11 - Tears On My Pillow.mp33.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/12 - Better The Devil You Know.mp35.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/13 - Step Back In Time.mp34.3 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/14 - What Do I Have To Do.mp35.2 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/15 - Shocked.mp34.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/16 - Word Is Out.mp35 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/17 - If You Were With Me Now.mp34.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/18 - Give Me Just A Little More Time.mp34.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/19 - Finer Feelings.mp35.4 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/20 - What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before).mp35.2 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/21 - Where In The World .mp35 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/22 - Celebration.mp35.5 MB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/Portada.jpg25.9 KB
icon05_Greatest Hits_1992/back.jpg27.4 KB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/01 Confide In Me.mp38.2 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/02 - Surrender.mp36.1 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/03 - If I Was Your lover.mp36.6 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/04 Where Is The Feeling..mp35.8 MB
icon06_Kylie Minogue_1994/05 Put Yourself In My Place.mp35.8 MB