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Microsoft: We’ve Always Had Freemium, It’s Called Piracy

New comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that luring people in with zero-cost products is of great interest to the company. However, while services such as OneDrive are free with premium options by design, Nadella says Microsoft has long had a freemium business model, but one that was forced upon it by pirates.
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Photo Not Available
Size2.7 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 03/15/11 at 22:54:04 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
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iconBrava/01-Brava.mp31.6 MB
iconBrava/02-Se telefonando.mp32.7 MB
iconBrava/03-E se domani.mp32.9 MB
iconBrava/04-Un anno d'amore.mp33 MB
iconBrava/05-Se c'è una cosa che mi fa impazzire.mp32.5 MB
iconBrava/06-Ta ra ta ta.mp32 MB
iconBrava/07-Cartoline.mp31.8 MB
iconBrava/08-Mi sei scoppiato dentro il cuore.mp32.8 MB
iconBrava/09-Se tu non fossi qui.mp32.8 MB
iconBrava/10-Sono come tu mi vuoi.mp33.3 MB
iconBrava/11-Conversazione.mp32.2 MB
iconBrava/12-Città vuota.mp32.4 MB
iconBrava/13-E' l'uomo per me.mp32.2 MB
iconBrava/14-L'immensità.mp32.4 MB
iconBrava/15-Sabati e domeniche.mp32.5 MB
iconBrava/16-Se piangi se ridi.mp32.3 MB
iconBrava/17-Breve amore.mp32.4 MB
iconBrava/18-La banda.mp32.4 MB
iconMina/10 Ragazze.mp33.6 MB
iconMina/29 Settembre.mp35.1 MB
iconMina/7 e 40 .mp35 MB
iconMina/A Night In Tunisia.mp38 MB
iconMina/A volte.mp32.2 MB
iconMina/Acqua Azzurra, Acqua Chiara.mp35.7 MB
iconMina/Adagio.MP33.2 MB
iconMina/Adoro.mp36.3 MB
iconMina/Aggio Perduto O Suonno.mp37.5 MB
iconMina/Ahi, mì amor.mp35.7 MB
iconMina/Al Cuore Non Comandi Mai.mp33.6 MB
iconMina/Allora sì.mp37.7 MB
iconMina/Almeno Tu Nell'universo.mp35.6 MB
iconMina/Amante amore.mp34.9 MB
iconMina/Amara terra mia.MP35.8 MB
iconMina/Amaro è 'o bene.mp34.4 MB
iconMina/Amico.mp32.8 MB
iconMina/Amor mio.mp36.6 MB
iconMina/Amore mio.mp33.3 MB
iconMina/Amore, amore, amore mio.mp39 MB
iconMina/Amore.mp37.3 MB
iconMina/Amorevole.mp33.5 MB
iconMina/Amornero.MP36 MB
iconMina/Anche tu.mp38.3 MB
iconMina/Anche un uomo.mp36.7 MB
iconMina/Ancora Dolcemente.mp34.6 MB
iconMina/Ancora Un Pò.mp36.3 MB
iconMina/Ancora ancora ancora.mp35.9 MB
iconMina/Angel Eyes.mp32.3 MB
iconMina/Angustia.mp32.2 MB
iconMina/Anima Nera.mp36.3 MB
iconMina/As time Goes By.mp32.8 MB
iconMina/Ave Maria.mp322.2 MB
iconMina/Azzurro.mp33.7 MB
iconMina/Balatta d'Autunno.mp34 MB
iconMina/Balla chi balla.mp33.5 MB
iconMina/Bella Senz'Anima.mp33.3 MB
iconMina/Besame Mucho.mp31.9 MB
iconMina/Body And Soul Non So Dir (Ti Voglio Bene) Nuag.mp38.2 MB
iconMina/Boh.mp37.3 MB
iconMina/Bonne nuit.mp35.6 MB
iconMina/Brava.mp31.7 MB
iconMina/Breve Amore.mp32.4 MB
iconMina/Bugiardo e incosciente.mp311.5 MB
iconMina/Buonanotte buonanotte.mp36.9 MB
iconMina/Buonasera Dottore.mp34.2 MB
iconMina/Caminemos.mp31.9 MB
iconMina/Can't take my eyes off of you.mp39.9 MB
iconMina/Canto Largo.mp37.3 MB
iconMina/Canzone appassiunata.mp34.9 MB
iconMina/Canzone per Te.mp32.5 MB
iconMina/Canzoni stonate.mp33.6 MB
iconMina/Careless Whisper.mp38.4 MB
iconMina/Carmela.mp33 MB
iconMina/Caro.mp36 MB
iconMina/Caruso.mp32.9 MB
iconMina/Cercami.mp33.8 MB
iconMina/Certe cose si fanno.mp35.5 MB
iconMina/Champagne Twist.mp32.3 MB
iconMina/Chattanooga ChooChoo.mp32.2 MB
iconMina/Che Lui Mi Dia.mp32.5 MB
iconMina/Che Mi Importa Del Mondo.mp35.4 MB
iconMina/Che fatica.mp36.3 MB
iconMina/Che male fa.MP34 MB
iconMina/Che meraviglia.mp32.3 MB
iconMina/Che novità.mp38.5 MB
iconMina/Che volgarità.mp36.5 MB
iconMina/Chega de Saudade.mp32 MB
iconMina/Chiedimi Tutto.mp34.7 MB
iconMina/Chihuahua.mp33 MB
iconMina/Chitarra suona più piano.mp33 MB
iconMina/Chopin Cha Cha Cha.mp32 MB
iconMina/Cigarettes And Coffee.mp36.2 MB
iconMina/Citta Vuota.mp31.9 MB
iconMina/Città vuota (It's a lonely town).mp39.2 MB
iconMina/Clark Kent.mp36.5 MB
iconMina/Colori.MP35 MB
iconMina/Colpa mia.mp35.7 MB
iconMina/Come Gocce.mp311.9 MB
iconMina/cant_take_my_eyes_off_of_you-rns.mp37.5 MB