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Pirate Bay Domain Back Online, Waving a Pirate Flag

After nearly two weeks of downtime the official domain of The Pirate Bay is showing signs of life. For now ThePirateBay.se is only waving a pirate flag, but that's good enough to give many Pirate Bay users hope for a full recovery.
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Zambian Music

Torrent Details

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Zambian Music
Size696 MB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 12/05/10 at 05:03:46 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 1 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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icon000AVSEQ01.mp35.3 MB
icon10. P-Jay - Piano Yanga.mp35.1 MB
icon13. P-Jay - Ndekushinka.mp35.4 MB
icon2-Munyaule nafuti.mp35 MB
icon2. P-Jay - Love of my Life.mp35.6 MB
icon3. P-Jay feat Enepal - When am Gone.mp35.9 MB
icon8-Love yapa phone.mp34.6 MB
iconBYJX.mp34.9 MB
iconBoyed - Senda.mp34.7 MB
iconDalisoul - Muzina Lake.mp35.8 MB
iconDambisa ft Judy-Woman can shine.mp310.5 MB
iconExile/02 Ngani Love.mp33.7 MB
iconExile/10 Nganalikwebele.mp33.6 MB
iconExile/Exile - 3. Mailo Kuseni.mp33.5 MB
iconExile/Exile - 4. Its Alright.mp33.6 MB
iconExile/Exile - Ku panga Bana.mp33.7 MB
iconExile/Exile - Kuti wakwata.mp34.9 MB
iconExile/Exile - Siku ya leyo.mp32.2 MB
iconExile/Exile - So Lucky.mp31.7 MB
iconExile/Exile - So Nice.mp36.7 MB
iconExile/Exile - Walimbikila.mp32.1 MB
iconExile/Exile -Kumvela Nimvela.mp35 MB
iconExile/Exile -Teti.mp32.2 MB
iconExile/Walimbikila(Remix).mp36.9 MB
iconExile/Woza - Exile.mp33.8 MB
iconExile/makoloyako.mp34.5 MB
iconExile/nalilila .mp34.1 MB
iconExile/superman.mp33.5 MB
iconExile/tetimbwekele.mp34.2 MB
iconExile/tikakumana.mp33.7 MB
iconExile/wapaya.mp34.9 MB
iconIndy K New.mp37.3 MB
iconJudy - teti.mp35.7 MB
iconK'Millian/01 - another day.mp3867.9 KB
iconK'Millian/02 - teti nkulabe.mp33.2 MB
iconK'Millian/03. - kakabalika.mp33.7 MB
iconK'Millian/04. - nalemona.mp34.2 MB
iconK'Millian/05 - nayo nayo.mp34.2 MB
iconK'Millian/06 - nifuna ziba.mp34 MB
iconK'Millian/07. - pabulendo.mp34.7 MB
iconK'Millian/08. - osayenda.mp34.4 MB
iconK'Millian/09 - pali iwe.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/10 - ambuye yesu.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/11. - niwe.mp34 MB
iconK'Millian/12. - kale.mp33.2 MB
iconK'Millian/13. - sweetie.mp34.4 MB
iconK'Millian/K'Millian - 1. Finshi Filenga.mp34.3 MB
iconK'Millian/K'Millian - 10. Nomba Namona.mp33.3 MB
iconK'Millian/K'Millian - 3. Mukabene.mp34.8 MB
iconK'Millian/K'million - Shalapo.mp34.8 MB
iconK'Millian/K,millian-nalishiba ft Dorothy.mp31 MB
iconK'Millian/Kmillio - shakakuleke.mp34 MB
iconK'Millian/Kmillion -Ngafweniko.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/Kmillion -Niwe Weka.mp34.3 MB
iconK'Millian/Sembe ft. Kanji.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/Uleibukisha.mp33.2 MB
iconK.D FT SMILING JOE-FUNSO=====.mp34.9 MB
iconKachanana - Niliko-liko feat. Alpha Romeo.mp38.6 MB
iconKafwayeko Umbi (ft. Mega Wapi).mp35.3 MB
iconLii T/01 Track 01 MWANA New Disc.mp34.6 MB
iconLii T/02 Track 02 OSA New Disc.mp34.5 MB
iconLii T/03 Track 03 MUSINZO New Disc.mp33.7 MB
iconLii T/04 Track 04 KUNKALA KWA BWANJI New Disc.mp34.2 MB
iconLii T/06 Track 06 3TIMES A DAY(MANKWALA New Disc.mp33.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/01 Ngoma.mp37.2 MB
iconMalo Abwino/01 Chalo Chuwama Nawako.mp310.1 MB
iconMalo Abwino/01 Ni Pempako Ma Key - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.1 MB
iconMalo Abwino/02 Esneya.mp35.8 MB
iconMalo Abwino/02 Malo Abwino - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/02 Zambian Girls.mp38.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/03 Ubwinga wedding song - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.7 MB
iconMalo Abwino/04 Amama.mp36.9 MB
iconMalo Abwino/04 Ching'oma Chalilimuka.mp310 MB
iconMalo Abwino/04 Nzimu Na Uchi - Angela Nyirenda.mp33.7 MB
iconMalo Abwino/05 Ndola.mp36.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/05 Ching'ande - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/06 Kudzwayo-Angela.mp36.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/07 Ngoma.wma5.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/Ubwinga-The Wedding Song - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/desktop.ini106 B
iconMinga musomba.mp34.6 MB
iconOga Family- Koka KolaRe1.mp34.7 MB
iconSlapdee ft Jony C & Maya - Icho.mp36.9 MB
iconSlapdee ft PJ - Nichigwile.mp38.8 MB
iconT-Boy -kumbukila.mp38.4 MB
iconTY.mp34.7 MB
iconTrack 2.mp36.5 MB
iconX.Y.Z - What's Love feat. Kachanana.mp35.1 MB
iconY.EM-Ndiwe ndani.mp35.8 MB
iconYUIL.mp34.8 MB
icondambisa ft petersen-kaduka chain.mp311.5 MB
iconnew zed (5).wma6.2 MB
iconpjay-contolo.mp35.5 MB
iconwhy nimvela so.mp34.7 MB
iconzed nu.mp35.1 MB