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Lawfirm Chasing Aussie ‘Pirates’ Discredited IP Address Evidence

If the movie's owners have their way, alleged downloaders of Dallas Buyers Club in Australia could soon face allegations of piracy and demands for hard cash. However, it's worth reminding potential targets that not even Dallas Buyers Club's chosen lawfirm believe that the evidence relied on in the case is up to much.
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Zambian Music

Torrent Details

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Zambian Music
Size696 MB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 12/05/10 at 05:03:46 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
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icon000AVSEQ01.mp35.3 MB
icon10. P-Jay - Piano Yanga.mp35.1 MB
icon13. P-Jay - Ndekushinka.mp35.4 MB
icon2-Munyaule nafuti.mp35 MB
icon2. P-Jay - Love of my Life.mp35.6 MB
icon3. P-Jay feat Enepal - When am Gone.mp35.9 MB
icon8-Love yapa phone.mp34.6 MB
iconBYJX.mp34.9 MB
iconBoyed - Senda.mp34.7 MB
iconDalisoul - Muzina Lake.mp35.8 MB
iconDambisa ft Judy-Woman can shine.mp310.5 MB
iconExile/02 Ngani Love.mp33.7 MB
iconExile/10 Nganalikwebele.mp33.6 MB
iconExile/Exile - 3. Mailo Kuseni.mp33.5 MB
iconExile/Exile - 4. Its Alright.mp33.6 MB
iconExile/Exile - Ku panga Bana.mp33.7 MB
iconExile/Exile - Kuti wakwata.mp34.9 MB
iconExile/Exile - Siku ya leyo.mp32.2 MB
iconExile/Exile - So Lucky.mp31.7 MB
iconExile/Exile - So Nice.mp36.7 MB
iconExile/Exile - Walimbikila.mp32.1 MB
iconExile/Exile -Kumvela Nimvela.mp35 MB
iconExile/Exile -Teti.mp32.2 MB
iconExile/Walimbikila(Remix).mp36.9 MB
iconExile/Woza - Exile.mp33.8 MB
iconExile/makoloyako.mp34.5 MB
iconExile/nalilila .mp34.1 MB
iconExile/superman.mp33.5 MB
iconExile/tetimbwekele.mp34.2 MB
iconExile/tikakumana.mp33.7 MB
iconExile/wapaya.mp34.9 MB
iconIndy K New.mp37.3 MB
iconJudy - teti.mp35.7 MB
iconK'Millian/01 - another day.mp3867.9 KB
iconK'Millian/02 - teti nkulabe.mp33.2 MB
iconK'Millian/03. - kakabalika.mp33.7 MB
iconK'Millian/04. - nalemona.mp34.2 MB
iconK'Millian/05 - nayo nayo.mp34.2 MB
iconK'Millian/06 - nifuna ziba.mp34 MB
iconK'Millian/07. - pabulendo.mp34.7 MB
iconK'Millian/08. - osayenda.mp34.4 MB
iconK'Millian/09 - pali iwe.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/10 - ambuye yesu.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/11. - niwe.mp34 MB
iconK'Millian/12. - kale.mp33.2 MB
iconK'Millian/13. - sweetie.mp34.4 MB
iconK'Millian/K'Millian - 1. Finshi Filenga.mp34.3 MB
iconK'Millian/K'Millian - 10. Nomba Namona.mp33.3 MB
iconK'Millian/K'Millian - 3. Mukabene.mp34.8 MB
iconK'Millian/K'million - Shalapo.mp34.8 MB
iconK'Millian/K,millian-nalishiba ft Dorothy.mp31 MB
iconK'Millian/Kmillio - shakakuleke.mp34 MB
iconK'Millian/Kmillion -Ngafweniko.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/Kmillion -Niwe Weka.mp34.3 MB
iconK'Millian/Sembe ft. Kanji.mp33.9 MB
iconK'Millian/Uleibukisha.mp33.2 MB
iconK.D FT SMILING JOE-FUNSO=====.mp34.9 MB
iconKachanana - Niliko-liko feat. Alpha Romeo.mp38.6 MB
iconKafwayeko Umbi (ft. Mega Wapi).mp35.3 MB
iconLii T/01 Track 01 MWANA New Disc.mp34.6 MB
iconLii T/02 Track 02 OSA New Disc.mp34.5 MB
iconLii T/03 Track 03 MUSINZO New Disc.mp33.7 MB
iconLii T/04 Track 04 KUNKALA KWA BWANJI New Disc.mp34.2 MB
iconLii T/06 Track 06 3TIMES A DAY(MANKWALA New Disc.mp33.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/01 Ngoma.mp37.2 MB
iconMalo Abwino/01 Chalo Chuwama Nawako.mp310.1 MB
iconMalo Abwino/01 Ni Pempako Ma Key - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.1 MB
iconMalo Abwino/02 Esneya.mp35.8 MB
iconMalo Abwino/02 Malo Abwino - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/02 Zambian Girls.mp38.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/03 Ubwinga wedding song - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.7 MB
iconMalo Abwino/04 Amama.mp36.9 MB
iconMalo Abwino/04 Ching'oma Chalilimuka.mp310 MB
iconMalo Abwino/04 Nzimu Na Uchi - Angela Nyirenda.mp33.7 MB
iconMalo Abwino/05 Ndola.mp36.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/05 Ching'ande - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/06 Kudzwayo-Angela.mp36.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/07 Ngoma.wma5.6 MB
iconMalo Abwino/Ubwinga-The Wedding Song - Angela Nyirenda.mp36.4 MB
iconMalo Abwino/desktop.ini106 B
iconMinga musomba.mp34.6 MB
iconOga Family- Koka KolaRe1.mp34.7 MB
iconSlapdee ft Jony C & Maya - Icho.mp36.9 MB
iconSlapdee ft PJ - Nichigwile.mp38.8 MB
iconT-Boy -kumbukila.mp38.4 MB
iconTY.mp34.7 MB
iconTrack 2.mp36.5 MB
iconX.Y.Z - What's Love feat. Kachanana.mp35.1 MB
iconY.EM-Ndiwe ndani.mp35.8 MB
iconYUIL.mp34.8 MB
icondambisa ft petersen-kaduka chain.mp311.5 MB
iconnew zed (5).wma6.2 MB
iconpjay-contolo.mp35.5 MB
iconwhy nimvela so.mp34.7 MB
iconzed nu.mp35.1 MB