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Giganews Resorts to DMCA to Quieten FBI Allegations

From tiny seeds, allegations that Usenet provider Giganews is actually an FBI-run operation spread far and wide last week. Now, in an attempt to quieten the wild claims and maintain privacy, Giganews sister company Data Foundry has sent a DMCA notice to the Internet Archive to have a several stored files removed.
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Ellinika Tragoudia 1900 - 2011

Torrent Details

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Ellinika Tragoudia 1900 - 2011
Size23.7 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 04/09/11 at 21:43:23 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 1 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconGreek Music/Afentoula Razeli - Itan I Nihta Skoteini.mp33.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Afentoula Razeli - Se Magemeni Agkalia.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis & Glykeria - Tis Yerakinas Yios.mp35.1 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis & Mpampis Gkoles - Oi Dio Seretes.mp34.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Eisai Gkriniara Kai Glossou.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Ergatis Timimenos.mp34.6 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Ftohopaido Me Gnorises.mp34 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Kapnoulou Mou Omorfi.mp33.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Katadikos.mp34.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Ksaveriotissa.mp34 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Manes Tis Kalinihtas.mp34.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Mpelenteria.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - O Teketzis.mp34.1 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Oi Famprikes.mp33.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Ola Yia Sena Koukla Mou.mp34 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Opou Yiorgos Kai Malama.mp33.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Pente Magkes Ston Peiraia.mp33.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Pino Kai Metho.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Sou Hei Lahei.mp34.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Soura Kai Mastoura.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Ta Frigana.mp34.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Thessaloniki Mou.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - To Haremi Sto Hamam.mp35 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - To Kalokairi Tora.mp34.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - To Paihnidi Tou Amerikanou.mp34.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Tou Psara O Yios.mp34.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Vre Magka To Parakanes.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis - Yiovan Tsaous.mp35.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis, Glykeria & Mpampis Gkoles - Mou 'Fayes Ola Ta Dahtilidia.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Agathonas Iakovidis, Glykeria, Mpampis Gkoles & Mpampis Tsertos - Ta Pedia Tis Yitonias Sou.mp33.1 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - An Eisai Lathos.mp35.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Apofasi Kardias.mp35.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Ase Me.mp34.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Den Iparho.mp35.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Den Pas Kala.mp33.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Ekanes To Thavma Sou.mp33.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Enas Logos Parapano.mp35.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Ipokrinomaste.mp34.6 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Na Mi Se Gnoriza.mp35 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Ola Tha Sta Hariso.mp35.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Pote Den Efiyes (Remix).mp34.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Tha Me Thimitheis.mp35.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Illiadi - Ti Na Kano.mp35.1 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Konitopoulou & Eleni Legaki - I Thalassa Ki O Ouranos.mp32.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Konitopoulou & Stella Konitopoulou - Pot Pouri.mp35.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggeliki Konitopoulou - Armenaki.mp33.6 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Anepanaliptos.mp33.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Ego Tha Sou Deikso To Dromo.mp34.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Elefthera.mp34.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Fila Me Apopse.mp35.1 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Fovamai.mp33.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Harazei.mp34.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Hionanthropos.mp34.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Matia Mou.mp34.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Parapono Mou.mp34.6 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Pes Mou Pos Mporeis.mp35 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Tetoia Koukla.mp34.6 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Dionysiou - Trella Mou Matia.mp34.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Aggelos Psyllakis - Ta Fylakismena Pallikaria.mp34.2 MB
iconGreek Music/AlbumArtSmall.jpg1.8 KB
iconGreek Music/AlbumArt_{EA10FCC1-D9A4-482E-A565-BF5DF664F60C}_Large.jpg10 KB
iconGreek Music/AlbumArt_{EA10FCC1-D9A4-482E-A565-BF5DF664F60C}_Small.jpg2.3 KB
iconGreek Music/Alekos Dimou - Arahova.mp33.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Alekos Kitsakis - Sti Limni Ekei Sta Yiannaina.mp34.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Alekos Kitsakis - Synnefiase O Parnasos.mp32.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Alekos Zazopoulos - Pou Na Vro To Koritsi.mp35.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Alekos Zazopoulos - Stin Iyeia Tis Aharistis.mp35.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Alekos Zazopoulos - To Taksi.mp35.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Aleksandra Likoudi - Ma To Theo.mp34.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Ali El Deek - Samra Wana Al Hasoudi.mp310.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki & Dimitris Papamihail - I Agapi Thelei Dio.mp36.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki & Grigoris Mpithikotsis - Ipomoni.mp33.6 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki & Grigoris Mpithikotsis - To Despinaki.mp33.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - Agapi Mou, Agapi Mou.mp33.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - Eho Ena Mistiko.mp34.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - Ipomoni.mp33.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - Mes S'afti Ti Varka.mp32.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - O Glaros.mp33.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - Siko Horepse Syrtaki.mp34.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - Ta Niata.mp33.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Aliki Vouyiouklaki - To Agori Mou.mp33.3 MB
iconGreek Music/Alkinoos Ioannidis & Eleftheria Arvanitaki - Yiati Se Thelo.mp35 MB
iconGreek Music/Alkinoos Ioannidis - Ego Eimai Pontios.mp33.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Alkis Mavros - Hilies Fores Ponousa.mp35.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Alkis Pagonis - Ta 18 Sou Hronia.mp34.9 MB
iconGreek Music/Amr Diab - Qusad Einy.mp36 MB
iconGreek Music/Anastasia Miha - Rikse Ta Malia Sou Piso.mp34.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias & Stratos Payioumtzis - Tou Antra Sou Kai Mena.mp34.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - Athinaiissa.mp34.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - Mes Tis Polis To Hamam.mp34.4 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - O Nikos O Trelakias.mp34.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - O Ponos Tou Prezakia.mp34.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - Soura Kai Mastoura.mp34.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - To Koutsavaki.mp34.7 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - To Sakkaki.mp34.6 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - To Tragoudi Tis Ksenitias.mp34.5 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestis Delias - Vre Magka To Mahairi Sou.mp34.8 MB
iconGreek Music/Anestos Athanasiou - Solo Minore.mp36.2 MB
iconGreek Music/Anna Hrisafi & Spyros Zagoraios - Pare To Dahtilidi Mou.mp34.2 MB