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Microsoft: We’ve Always Had Freemium, It’s Called Piracy

New comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that luring people in with zero-cost products is of great interest to the company. However, while services such as OneDrive are free with premium options by design, Nadella says Microsoft has long had a freemium business model, but one that was forced upon it by pirates.
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Murder She Wrote

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murder she wrote
Size94.4 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 08/03/11 at 17:13:10 into the Movies category by Unknown.
Status23 seeds & 34 peers
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iconSeason 1/MSW S01E01 The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes.avi915.4 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E02 Deadly Lady.avi474 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E03 Birds Of A Feather.avi473.3 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E04 Hooray For Homicide.avi473.9 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E05 Its A Dogs Life.avi473.2 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E06 Lovers And Other Killers.avi473.6 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E07 Hit Run And Homicide.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E08 Were Off To Kill The Wizard.avi473 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E09 Death Takes A Curtain Call.avi473.6 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E10 Death Casts A Spell.avi473.1 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E11 Capitol Offense.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E12 Broadway Maladay.avi473.8 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E13 Murder To A Jazz Beat.avi473.3 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E14 My Johnny Lies Over The Ocean.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E15 Paint Me A Murder.avi473.2 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E16 Tough Guys Don't Die.avi473.4 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E17 Sudden Death.avi473 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E18 Footnote To Murder.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E19 Murder Takes The Bus.avi482.4 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E20 Armed Response.avi474.3 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E21 Murder At The Oasis.avi474 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E22 Funeral At Fifty Mile.avi473.7 MB
iconSeason 1/Murder she Wrote Season 1.pdf78.5 KB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E01 - A Death in Hong Kong.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E02 - For Whom the Bell Tolls.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E03 - The Legacy of Borbey House.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E04 - The Phantom Killer.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E05 - A Virtual Murder.avi349.5 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E06 - Bloodlines.avi350.1 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E07 - A Killing in Cork.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E08 - Love and Hate in Cabot Cove.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E09 - Murder at a Discount.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E10 - Murder in White.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E11 - Northern Explosion.avi350.1 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E12 - Proof in the Pudding.avi350.1 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E13 - Portrait of Death.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E14 - Deadly Assets.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E15 - Murder on the Thirtieth Floor.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E16 - Time to Die.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E17 - The Dying Game.avi349.5 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E18 - The Trouble with Seth.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E19 - Roadkill.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E20 - A Murderous Muse.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E21 - Wheel of Death.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/Murder She Wrote Season 10.txt1 KB
iconSeason 11/MSW - S11E02 - Amsterdam Kill.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E01 Widow Weep For Me.avi475.5 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E02 Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly.avi470.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E03 Murder In The Afternoon.avi470.7 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E04 School For Scandal.avi470.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E05 Sing A Song Of Murder.avi471.2 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E06 Reflections Of The Mind.avi470.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E07 A Lady In The Lake.avi470.4 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E08 Dead Heat.avi470.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E09 Jessica Behind Bars.avi475.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E10 Sticks And Stones.avi471.4 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E11 Murder Digs Deep.avi470.5 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E12 Murder By Appointment Only.avi470.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E13 Trial By Error.avi470.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E14 Keep The Home Fries Burning.avi471.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E15 Powder Keg.avi471.7 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E16 Murder In The Electric Cathedral.avi471.3 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E17 One Good Bid Deserves A Murder.avi470.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E18 If A Body Meet A Body.avi471.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E19 Christopher Bundy Died On Sunday.avi471.9 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E20 Menace Anyone.avi471.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E21 The Perfect Foil.avi466.7 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E22 If The Frame Fits.avi471.8 MB
iconSeason 2/Murder she Wrote Season 2.pdf99.9 KB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E01 Death Stalks The Big Top Part1.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E02 Death Stalks The Big Top Part2.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E03 Unfinished Business.avi468 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E04 One White Rose For Death.avi468.8 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E05 Corned Beef & Carnage.avi468.5 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E06 Dead Mans Gold.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E07 Deadline For Murder.avi468.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E08 Magnum On Ice.avi467.8 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E09 Obituary For A Dead Anchor.avi468.6 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E10 Stage Struck.avi467.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E11 Night Of The Headless Horseman.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E12 The Corpse Flew First Class.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E13 Crossed Up.avi468.5 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E14 Murder In A Minor Key.avi467.9 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E15 The Bottom Line Is Murder.avi468.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E16 Death Takes A Dive.avi708 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E17 Simon Says Color Me Dead.avi467.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E18 No Laughing Murder.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E19 No Accounting For Murder.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E20 Cemetery Vote.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E21 The Days Dwindle Down.avi468.4 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E22 Murder She Spoke.avi468.8 MB
iconSeason 3/Murder she Wrote Season 3.pdf98.6 KB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E01 A Fashionable Way To Die.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E02 When Thieves Fall Out.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E03 Witness For The Defense.avi473.3 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E04 Old Habits Die Hard.avi468.6 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E05 The Way To Dusty Death.avi468.6 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E07 If Its Thursday It Must Be Beverly.avi469.5 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E08 Stea Me a Story.avi468.8 MB