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Torrent Site Fenopy Shuts Down Quietly

Fenopy, one of the older torrent sites that's been around for nearly nine years, has shut down voluntarily. The closure marks the end of what once was described as the first "web 2.0" torrent site.
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Murder She Wrote

Torrent Details

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murder she wrote
Size94.4 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 08/03/11 at 17:13:10 into the Movies category by Unknown.
Status10 seeds & 29 peers
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iconSeason 1/MSW S01E01 The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes.avi915.4 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E02 Deadly Lady.avi474 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E03 Birds Of A Feather.avi473.3 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E04 Hooray For Homicide.avi473.9 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E05 Its A Dogs Life.avi473.2 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E06 Lovers And Other Killers.avi473.6 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E07 Hit Run And Homicide.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E08 Were Off To Kill The Wizard.avi473 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E09 Death Takes A Curtain Call.avi473.6 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E10 Death Casts A Spell.avi473.1 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E11 Capitol Offense.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E12 Broadway Maladay.avi473.8 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E13 Murder To A Jazz Beat.avi473.3 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E14 My Johnny Lies Over The Ocean.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E15 Paint Me A Murder.avi473.2 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E16 Tough Guys Don't Die.avi473.4 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E17 Sudden Death.avi473 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E18 Footnote To Murder.avi473.5 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E19 Murder Takes The Bus.avi482.4 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E20 Armed Response.avi474.3 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E21 Murder At The Oasis.avi474 MB
iconSeason 1/MSW S01E22 Funeral At Fifty Mile.avi473.7 MB
iconSeason 1/Murder she Wrote Season 1.pdf78.5 KB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E01 - A Death in Hong Kong.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E02 - For Whom the Bell Tolls.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E03 - The Legacy of Borbey House.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E04 - The Phantom Killer.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E05 - A Virtual Murder.avi349.5 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E06 - Bloodlines.avi350.1 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E07 - A Killing in Cork.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E08 - Love and Hate in Cabot Cove.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E09 - Murder at a Discount.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E10 - Murder in White.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E11 - Northern Explosion.avi350.1 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E12 - Proof in the Pudding.avi350.1 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E13 - Portrait of Death.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E14 - Deadly Assets.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E15 - Murder on the Thirtieth Floor.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E16 - Time to Die.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E17 - The Dying Game.avi349.5 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E18 - The Trouble with Seth.avi349.7 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E19 - Roadkill.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E20 - A Murderous Muse.avi350 MB
iconSeason 10/MSW - S10E21 - Wheel of Death.avi349.6 MB
iconSeason 10/Murder She Wrote Season 10.txt1 KB
iconSeason 11/MSW - S11E02 - Amsterdam Kill.avi349.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E01 Widow Weep For Me.avi475.5 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E02 Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly.avi470.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E03 Murder In The Afternoon.avi470.7 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E04 School For Scandal.avi470.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E05 Sing A Song Of Murder.avi471.2 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E06 Reflections Of The Mind.avi470.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E07 A Lady In The Lake.avi470.4 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E08 Dead Heat.avi470.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E09 Jessica Behind Bars.avi475.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E10 Sticks And Stones.avi471.4 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E11 Murder Digs Deep.avi470.5 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E12 Murder By Appointment Only.avi470.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E13 Trial By Error.avi470.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E14 Keep The Home Fries Burning.avi471.1 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E15 Powder Keg.avi471.7 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E16 Murder In The Electric Cathedral.avi471.3 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E17 One Good Bid Deserves A Murder.avi470.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E18 If A Body Meet A Body.avi471.8 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E19 Christopher Bundy Died On Sunday.avi471.9 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E20 Menace Anyone.avi471.6 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E21 The Perfect Foil.avi466.7 MB
iconSeason 2/MSW S02E22 If The Frame Fits.avi471.8 MB
iconSeason 2/Murder she Wrote Season 2.pdf99.9 KB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E01 Death Stalks The Big Top Part1.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E02 Death Stalks The Big Top Part2.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E03 Unfinished Business.avi468 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E04 One White Rose For Death.avi468.8 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E05 Corned Beef & Carnage.avi468.5 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E06 Dead Mans Gold.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E07 Deadline For Murder.avi468.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E08 Magnum On Ice.avi467.8 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E09 Obituary For A Dead Anchor.avi468.6 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E10 Stage Struck.avi467.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E11 Night Of The Headless Horseman.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E12 The Corpse Flew First Class.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E13 Crossed Up.avi468.5 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E14 Murder In A Minor Key.avi467.9 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E15 The Bottom Line Is Murder.avi468.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E16 Death Takes A Dive.avi708 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E17 Simon Says Color Me Dead.avi467.7 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E18 No Laughing Murder.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E19 No Accounting For Murder.avi468.1 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E20 Cemetery Vote.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E21 The Days Dwindle Down.avi468.4 MB
iconSeason 3/MSW S03E22 Murder She Spoke.avi468.8 MB
iconSeason 3/Murder she Wrote Season 3.pdf98.6 KB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E01 A Fashionable Way To Die.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E02 When Thieves Fall Out.avi468.3 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E03 Witness For The Defense.avi473.3 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E04 Old Habits Die Hard.avi468.6 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E05 The Way To Dusty Death.avi468.6 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E07 If Its Thursday It Must Be Beverly.avi469.5 MB
iconSeason 4/MSW S04E08 Stea Me a Story.avi468.8 MB