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Private Torrent Site Operators Face Criminal Trial

In 2011, police in two countries coordinated to take down a private torrent site that had largely flown under the radar. This week, 3.5 years after the raid, two alleged operators of the site faced a criminal trial in Sweden. Having uploaded no content themselves, will they be held liable for the actions of their users?
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Marvel - DC Animated Movie Pack (1993-2011)

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Marvel - DC Animated Movie Pack (1993-2011)
Size20.9 GB in 53 files
ReleasesAdded on 06/02/11 at 17:33:19 into the Anime category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
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iconDC Animated Movies/All.Star.Superman.2011.STV.DVDRiP.XviD/All.Star.Superman.2011.STV.DVDRiP.XviD.avi701.7 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Batman & Mr. Freeze - SubZero/Batman & Mr. Freeze - SubZero.avi698.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Batman - Gotham Knight/Batman - Gotham Knight.avi701.7 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Batman - Mask of The Phantasm/Batman - Mask of The Phantasm.avi699.5 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman/Batman - Mystery Of The Batwoman.avi699.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Batman - Under The Red Hood/Batman - Under the Red Hood.avi727.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker/Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker.avi593.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Batman vs Dracula/Batman vs Dracula.avi696.9 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.nfo5.6 KB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0014.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0114.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0214.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0314.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0414.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0514.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0614.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0714.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0814.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r0914.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r1014.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.r1112.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.rar14.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/dc.tesp-yefste.sfv1.2 KB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase-The.Spectre.2010.XviD.AC3-YeFsTe/sample.dc.tesp-yefste.avi5.5 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase.Presents.Green.Arrow.2010.720p.BRRip.XviD-SPK/DC.Showcase.Presents.Green.Arrow.2010.720p.BRRip.XviD-SPK.avi350 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase.Presents.Jonah.Hex.2010.BDRiP.XviD-QCF/dc.showcase.presents.jonah.hex.2010.bdrip.xvid-qcf.part1.rar19.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase.Presents.Jonah.Hex.2010.BDRiP.XviD-QCF/dc.showcase.presents.jonah.hex.2010.bdrip.xvid-qcf.part2.rar19.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase.Presents.Jonah.Hex.2010.BDRiP.XviD-QCF/dc.showcase.presents.jonah.hex.2010.bdrip.xvid-qcf.part3.rar19.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase.Presents.Jonah.Hex.2010.BDRiP.XviD-QCF/dc.showcase.presents.jonah.hex.2010.bdrip.xvid-qcf.part4.rar19.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase.Presents.Jonah.Hex.2010.BDRiP.XviD-QCF/dc.showcase.presents.jonah.hex.2010.bdrip.xvid-qcf.part5.rar19.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/DC.Showcase.Presents.Jonah.Hex.2010.BDRiP.XviD-QCF/dc.showcase.presents.jonah.hex.2010.bdrip.xvid-qcf.part6.rar5.3 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/DC Showcase/Superman & Shazam! - The Return of Black Adam/Superman & Shazam! - The Return of Black Adam.avi208.5 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Green Lantern - First Flight/Green Lantern - First Flight.mkv2.2 GB
iconDC Animated Movies/Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths/Justice.League - Crisis on Two Earths.avi700.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths/Justice.League.Crisis.on.Two.Earths.2010.DVDRip.XVID-lOVE-EN.srt53 KB
iconDC Animated Movies/Justice League - The New Frontier/Justice League - The New Frontier.mkv2.1 GB
iconDC Animated Movies/Superman - Brainiac Attacks/Superman - Brainiac Attacks.avi700.2 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Superman - Doomsday/Superman - Doomsday.avi700.2 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Superman Batman - Apocalypse/Superman Batman - Apocalypse.avi647.4 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Superman Batman - Public Enemies/Superman Batman - Public Enemies.avi705.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Teen Titans - Trouble in Tokyo/Teen Titans - Trouble In Tokyo.avi700.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Watchmen - Tales of The Black Freighter/Watchmen - Tales of the Black Freighter.avi233.1 MB
iconDC Animated Movies/Wonder Woman/Wonder Woman.mp4700.9 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Doctor Strange - The Sorcerer Supreme/Doctor Strange - The Sorcerer Supreme.avi699.4 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Hulk Vs/Hulk.Vs.Thor[2009]DvDrip-aXXo.avi380 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Hulk Vs/Hulk.Vs.Wolverine[2009]DvDrip-aXXo.avi320.6 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Next Avengers - Heroes Of Tomorrow/Next.Avengers-Heroes.Of.Tomorrow[2008]DvDrip-aXXo.avi701.4 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Planet Hulk/Planet Hulk (2010) DVDR DivXNL-Team NL Subs.avi697.7 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/The Invincible Iron Man/The.Invincible.Iron.Man.2007_DVDRIP_Subzero.avi700.8 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Thor.Tales.of.Asgard.2011.DVDRip.XviD {1337x}-Blackjesus/Thor.Tales.of.Asgard.2011.DVDRip.XviD-Blackjesus.avi702 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Thor.Tales.of.Asgard.2011.DVDRip.XviD {1337x}-Blackjesus/Thor.Tales.of.Asgard.2011.DVDRip.XviD-Blackjesus.srt49.1 KB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Ultimate Avengers/Ultimate.Avengers-The.Movie[2006]DvDrip-aXXo.avi701 MB
iconMarvel Animated Movies/Ultimate Avengers/Ultimate.Avengers.2-Rise.Of.The.Panther[2006]DvDrip-aXXo.avi701.1 MB