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Dallas Buyers Club Wants Cash From European Pirates

The company behind the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club is spreading its anti-piracy tentacles. After testing out the United States, Voltage Pictures is sending out cash demands in Europe. The company's lawfirm says that letter recipients "are happy to be made aware" they're acting illegally and are handing over the cash.
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Nicolaie Guta

Torrent Details

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Nicolaie Guta
Size991 MB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 12/22/10 at 10:35:15 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status1 seeds & 0 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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icon-Nicolae Guta & Susanu - Danseaza Danseaza by [e-muzica.net]-.mp34.6 MB
icon-Nicolae Guta - M-am indragostit de tine by [email protected]5.9 MB
icon01 - Guta - Fac orice.mp34.8 MB
icon01-N.Guta-Ruleta[1].mp34.5 MB
icon01. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Comando www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.7 MB
icon01._Guta_Nicolae_-_Oare_te-am_pierdut.mp34.3 MB
icon03 Nicolae Guta - Duc o viata de haiduc.MP34.4 MB
icon039 Nicolae Guta - Asta seara vreau sa beau.mp35.9 MB
icon04. Nicolae Guta - Da Doamne sa nu ma imbat www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp34.7 MB
icon05 - Guta - M-ai parasit.mp34.3 MB
icon05. GUTA-Am muncit mult ca sa ajung in frunte.mp36.2 MB
icon05. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Alerg noapte alerg si zi www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.4 MB
icon06 - Guta - Orice mi-ar fi zis.mp34.3 MB
icon06. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Am pistol si celular www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.3 MB
icon07 - Guta - Doamne ia-mi zilele grele.mp34.5 MB
icon07. LIVE Nicolae Guta - Eu te iubesc asa de mult [www.ten28.com].mp36.7 MB
icon07. Nicolae Guta - Beau si ma gandesc si plang www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.7 MB
icon08 - Guta - As da zece ani din viata.mp34.7 MB
icon08. Nicolae Guta - Danseaza danseaza www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp34.4 MB
icon09 - Guta - Am ajuns sa plang.mp36.2 MB
icon09. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Te iubesc asa de mult www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35 MB
icon10 Nicolae Guta - Doamne nu ma imbatrani @ byAlec'x si www.Mp3belea.org.mp314.3 MB
icon10. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Maine este sarbatoare www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp34.3 MB
iconD.NICOLAE GUTA-Pentru inima ta.mp35.1 MB
iconFuture Sound Of Gutza - FSOG I.mp35.2 MB
iconGUTA - cine are mama ca mine.mp37.5 MB
iconGUTA -Fata mea-i ca un safir.mp34.6 MB
iconGUTA_-_Niciodata_in_viata_nu_m-am_dat_batut.mp34.8 MB
iconGUTA_-_Voi_risca_tot_ce_am.mp36.3 MB
iconGuta & Copilul se aur - 01 - De dor inimami plange.mp37.4 MB
iconGuta & Jean - Tu faci amor ca in filme.mp35.8 MB
iconGuta & Kasmir - Orice ar fi in viata mea.mp35.3 MB
iconGuta & Liviu Pustiu' - Sunt amantul ideal.mp35.3 MB
iconGuta & Puiu Codreanu - Beau si beau.mp36.2 MB
iconGuta & Puiu Codreanu - Prea frumoasa te credeai.mp35.7 MB
iconGuta & Sorina - 05 - Fratiorul meu.mp36.1 MB
iconGuta & Sorina - Toate zilele.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta , Florin Mitroi , Tano - Am baietii mei de elita.mp35 MB
iconGuta - 07 - Numai fratele mi-e aproape.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta - 11 - Cand lacrimile imi curg.mp34.7 MB
iconGuta - Are baiatul are.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta - Atunci cand tu te crezi rege.mp34.8 MB
iconGuta - Baiatul meu.mp34.9 MB
iconGuta - Beau si beau.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta - De-as avea lumea la picioare.mp34.5 MB
iconGuta - Fire-ai sa fii bautura (Remix).mp35.4 MB
iconGuta - Mama mea maicuta mea.mp38.6 MB
iconGuta - Mi-e dor de-o chefuiala.mp34.7 MB
iconGuta - Nevasta, nevasta nu ma supara (remix).mp35.8 MB
iconGuta - Stau pe ganduri si dusmanii.mp34.8 MB
iconGuta - Unde esti iubirea mea.mp35.2 MB
iconGuta - Vei plange.mp34.6 MB
iconGuta Jr. - E greu in strainatate.mp35.7 MB
iconGuta ma rog la poza ta.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta-poti sa ai in frunte mir.mp34.5 MB
iconGutza - Perversa-i lumea.mp37.9 MB
iconN Guta zi si noapte.mp34.5 MB
iconN Guta&Ankara=iti multumesc Iubirea mea.mp34.9 MB
iconNicolae GuTa - Of, of, of Supararea Mea E Mare bY RYZ.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Adriana Antoni - Ar fi mai bine sa te uit @ w.mp36 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Cristina Clona - Dispari din viata mea.mp34.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Nicoleta Guta - Pentru inima mea...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.7 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Susanu - Beau, beau...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.8 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Susanu - Hai Saruta-ma.mp34.3 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Am pistol si celular.mp35.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Am plecat de acasa...by wWw.ComYManeLe.WS.mp34.9 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Cand e omul necajit.mp35.8 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Cand te bazezi ca ai putere.mp37.2 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Cine-mi tine spatele ( West ).mp34.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Clona.mp37.8 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Da, da, da...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Doamne am noroc By Verde.mp35.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Doamne banii nu-mi ajung.mp38.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Doamne ce fericit mai sunt.mp37.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Fata Mea Lacrima Dulce.mp36.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Fir-a-ti sa fiti banilor [www.ten28.com].mp36.3 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Frate, frate...by www.comymanele.tk.mp34.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Inchis in inima ta @ wWw.DiabLoMp3.Tk.mp36.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - La fereastra stau si plang www.mygoblens.com.mp317.3 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Leaga, Doamne, lanturi grele.mp34.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Nu-i usor smecher sa fii...by www.comymanele..mp36.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta - O scrisoare de iubire [www.ten28.com].mp34.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Oare cine, oare cine...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Parfum ametitor.mp34.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Plange cerul pentru tine...by comy.mp35.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Plec la drum cu dumnezeu.mp35.7 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Sa fii bun, sa ai noroc.mp35.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Supararea mea e mare...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Te iubesc adevarat V.MP35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta -(Nevasta cu reclamant) Degeaba sunt om bogat.mp310 MB
iconNicolae Guta -doamne am noroc (originala).mp37.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta-Iubirea mea cu chip de zana.mp35.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta-Nu pleca.mp34.3 MB
iconNicolae_Guta_-_8_Ani.mp36 MB
iconguta-cui sa-i spun ca-mi e greu .mp34.5 MB