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4shared Demands Retraction Over Misleading Piracy Report

Popular file-hosting service 4shared has criticized a "defamatory" report in which it was branded a "shadowy cyberlocker." 4shared explains that it takes extensive measures to deter pirates and is now demanding a public retraction of the damaging report.
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Nicolaie Guta

Torrent Details

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Nicolaie Guta
Size991 MB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 12/22/10 at 10:35:15 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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icon-Nicolae Guta & Susanu - Danseaza Danseaza by [e-muzica.net]-.mp34.6 MB
icon-Nicolae Guta - M-am indragostit de tine by [email protected]5.9 MB
icon01 - Guta - Fac orice.mp34.8 MB
icon01-N.Guta-Ruleta[1].mp34.5 MB
icon01. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Comando www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.7 MB
icon01._Guta_Nicolae_-_Oare_te-am_pierdut.mp34.3 MB
icon03 Nicolae Guta - Duc o viata de haiduc.MP34.4 MB
icon039 Nicolae Guta - Asta seara vreau sa beau.mp35.9 MB
icon04. Nicolae Guta - Da Doamne sa nu ma imbat www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp34.7 MB
icon05 - Guta - M-ai parasit.mp34.3 MB
icon05. GUTA-Am muncit mult ca sa ajung in frunte.mp36.2 MB
icon05. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Alerg noapte alerg si zi www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.4 MB
icon06 - Guta - Orice mi-ar fi zis.mp34.3 MB
icon06. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Am pistol si celular www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.3 MB
icon07 - Guta - Doamne ia-mi zilele grele.mp34.5 MB
icon07. LIVE Nicolae Guta - Eu te iubesc asa de mult [www.ten28.com].mp36.7 MB
icon07. Nicolae Guta - Beau si ma gandesc si plang www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35.7 MB
icon08 - Guta - As da zece ani din viata.mp34.7 MB
icon08. Nicolae Guta - Danseaza danseaza www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp34.4 MB
icon09 - Guta - Am ajuns sa plang.mp36.2 MB
icon09. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Te iubesc asa de mult www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp35 MB
icon10 Nicolae Guta - Doamne nu ma imbatrani @ byAlec'x si www.Mp3belea.org.mp314.3 MB
icon10. Nicolae Guta cu Voda - Maine este sarbatoare www.muzica-romaneasca.biz.mp34.3 MB
iconD.NICOLAE GUTA-Pentru inima ta.mp35.1 MB
iconFuture Sound Of Gutza - FSOG I.mp35.2 MB
iconGUTA - cine are mama ca mine.mp37.5 MB
iconGUTA -Fata mea-i ca un safir.mp34.6 MB
iconGUTA_-_Niciodata_in_viata_nu_m-am_dat_batut.mp34.8 MB
iconGUTA_-_Voi_risca_tot_ce_am.mp36.3 MB
iconGuta & Copilul se aur - 01 - De dor inimami plange.mp37.4 MB
iconGuta & Jean - Tu faci amor ca in filme.mp35.8 MB
iconGuta & Kasmir - Orice ar fi in viata mea.mp35.3 MB
iconGuta & Liviu Pustiu' - Sunt amantul ideal.mp35.3 MB
iconGuta & Puiu Codreanu - Beau si beau.mp36.2 MB
iconGuta & Puiu Codreanu - Prea frumoasa te credeai.mp35.7 MB
iconGuta & Sorina - 05 - Fratiorul meu.mp36.1 MB
iconGuta & Sorina - Toate zilele.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta , Florin Mitroi , Tano - Am baietii mei de elita.mp35 MB
iconGuta - 07 - Numai fratele mi-e aproape.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta - 11 - Cand lacrimile imi curg.mp34.7 MB
iconGuta - Are baiatul are.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta - Atunci cand tu te crezi rege.mp34.8 MB
iconGuta - Baiatul meu.mp34.9 MB
iconGuta - Beau si beau.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta - De-as avea lumea la picioare.mp34.5 MB
iconGuta - Fire-ai sa fii bautura (Remix).mp35.4 MB
iconGuta - Mama mea maicuta mea.mp38.6 MB
iconGuta - Mi-e dor de-o chefuiala.mp34.7 MB
iconGuta - Nevasta, nevasta nu ma supara (remix).mp35.8 MB
iconGuta - Stau pe ganduri si dusmanii.mp34.8 MB
iconGuta - Unde esti iubirea mea.mp35.2 MB
iconGuta - Vei plange.mp34.6 MB
iconGuta Jr. - E greu in strainatate.mp35.7 MB
iconGuta ma rog la poza ta.mp34.3 MB
iconGuta-poti sa ai in frunte mir.mp34.5 MB
iconGutza - Perversa-i lumea.mp37.9 MB
iconN Guta zi si noapte.mp34.5 MB
iconN Guta&Ankara=iti multumesc Iubirea mea.mp34.9 MB
iconNicolae GuTa - Of, of, of Supararea Mea E Mare bY RYZ.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Adriana Antoni - Ar fi mai bine sa te uit @ w.mp36 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Cristina Clona - Dispari din viata mea.mp34.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Nicoleta Guta - Pentru inima mea...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.7 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Susanu - Beau, beau...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.8 MB
iconNicolae Guta & Susanu - Hai Saruta-ma.mp34.3 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Am pistol si celular.mp35.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Am plecat de acasa...by wWw.ComYManeLe.WS.mp34.9 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Cand e omul necajit.mp35.8 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Cand te bazezi ca ai putere.mp37.2 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Cine-mi tine spatele ( West ).mp34.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Clona.mp37.8 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Da, da, da...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Doamne am noroc By Verde.mp35.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Doamne banii nu-mi ajung.mp38.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Doamne ce fericit mai sunt.mp37.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Fata Mea Lacrima Dulce.mp36.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Fir-a-ti sa fiti banilor [www.ten28.com].mp36.3 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Frate, frate...by www.comymanele.tk.mp34.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Inchis in inima ta @ wWw.DiabLoMp3.Tk.mp36.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - La fereastra stau si plang www.mygoblens.com.mp317.3 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Leaga, Doamne, lanturi grele.mp34.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Nu-i usor smecher sa fii...by www.comymanele..mp36.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta - O scrisoare de iubire [www.ten28.com].mp34.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Oare cine, oare cine...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Parfum ametitor.mp34.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Plange cerul pentru tine...by comy.mp35.6 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Plec la drum cu dumnezeu.mp35.7 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Sa fii bun, sa ai noroc.mp35.4 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Supararea mea e mare...by www.comymanele.tk.mp35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta - Te iubesc adevarat V.MP35.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta -(Nevasta cu reclamant) Degeaba sunt om bogat.mp310 MB
iconNicolae Guta -doamne am noroc (originala).mp37.5 MB
iconNicolae Guta-Iubirea mea cu chip de zana.mp35.1 MB
iconNicolae Guta-Nu pleca.mp34.3 MB
iconNicolae_Guta_-_8_Ani.mp36 MB
iconguta-cui sa-i spun ca-mi e greu .mp34.5 MB