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Lawfirm Chasing Aussie ‘Pirates’ Discredited IP Address Evidence

If the movie's owners have their way, alleged downloaders of Dallas Buyers Club in Australia could soon face allegations of piracy and demands for hard cash. However, it's worth reminding potential targets that not even Dallas Buyers Club's chosen lawfirm believe that the evidence relied on in the case is up to much.
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Rogue Galaxy

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Rogue Galaxy
Size4.5 GB in 53 files
ReleasesAdded on 08/26/11 at 14:43:16 into the Games category by Unknown.
Status9 seeds & 4 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconToxic Dual Layer Patcher 1.0/DLPatcher.exe120 KB
iconToxic Dual Layer Patcher 1.0/Readme.txt5.1 KB
iconst2-rogg.nfo12.3 KB
iconst2-rogg.r0095.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0195.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0295.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0395.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0495.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0595.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0695.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0795.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0895.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r0995.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1095.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1195.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1295.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1395.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1495.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1595.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1695.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1795.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1895.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r1995.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2095.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2195.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2295.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2395.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2495.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2595.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2695.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2795.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2895.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r2995.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3095.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3195.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3295.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3395.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3495.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3595.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3695.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3795.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3895.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r3995.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4095.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4195.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4295.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4395.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4495.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4595.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4695.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.r4712.6 MB
iconst2-rogg.rar95.4 MB
iconst2-rogg.sfv1.2 KB