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Pirate Bay Cyberlocker Bayfiles Disappears After Arrest

Bayfiles, the file-hosting service created by two former operators of The Pirate Bay, has disappeared from the Internet, leaving tens of thousands of users in the dark. The site went offline shortly after the arrest of Pirate Bay's Fredrik Neij who is currently serving his prison sentence in Sweden.
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Feynman Lectures On Physics

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Feynman Lectures on Physics
Size2.6 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 11/15/11 at 05:14:11 into the Movies category by Unknown.
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iconFeynman Lectures on Physics Volumes 1,2,3 - Feynman, Leighton and Sands.pdf83.2 MB
iconRichard Feynman - Lectures on Physics - Motion of the Planets.mp339.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch00 Preface and Introduction.mp32.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch01 Atoms in Motion.mp323.7 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch02 Basic Physics 71kbps.mp326.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch03 Relation of Physics to other Sciences.mp323.1 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch04 Conservation of Energy.mp348.7 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch05 Time and Distance.mp323.1 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch06 Probability.mp324.9 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch07 Theory Of Gravitation.mp320.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch08 Motion.mp323.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch09 Newton's Laws of Dynamics.mp323.9 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch10 Conservation of Momentum.mp323.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch11 Vectors.mp323.2 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch12 Characteristics of Force.mp326.2 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch13 Work and Potential Energy 1.mp324.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch14 Work and Potential Energy 2.mp322.8 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch15 Special Theory of Relativity.mp325.6 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch16 Relativistic Energy And Momentum.mp324.7 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch17 Space-Time.mp327.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch18 Rotation in Two Dimensions.mp323.8 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch19 Center of Mass Moment of Inertia.mp323.3 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch20 Rotation in Space.mp324.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch21 - The Harmonic Oscillator.mp320.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch22 - Algebra.mp324.6 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch24 - Transients.mp318.7 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch25 Linear Systems And Review.mp328.7 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch26 - The Principle Of Least Time.mp321.9 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch27 - Geometric Optics.mp323.6 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch28 - Electromagnetic Radiation.mp321.7 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch29 - Interference.mp326 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch30 Diffraction.mp324.3 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch31 - Origin Of The Refractive Index.mp323.9 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch32 - Radiation Damping & Light Scattering.mp324 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch33 - Polarization.mp325.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch36 - Mechanics Of Seeing.mp323.7 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch37 Quantum Behavior.mp320.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch38 Wave and Particle Viewpoints.mp320.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch39 - The Kinetic Theory Of Gases.mp324.1 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch40 - Statistical Mechanics.mp321 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch41 Brownian Movement.mp322.5 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch42 - Applications Of Kinetic Theory.mp323.1 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch43 - Diffusion.mp326 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch44 - Laws Of Thermodynamics.mp324.8 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch45 - Illustrations Of Thermodynamics.mp325.3 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch46 Ratchet and Pawl.mp323.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch47 - Sound, The Wave Equation.mp324 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch49 - Modes.mp324.2 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch50 - Harmonics.mp324.3 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch51 - Waves.mp349.4 MB
iconVolume 1/V1 Ch52 - Symetry In Physical Laws.mp329.1 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch01 - Electromagnetism.mp328.1 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch02 - Differential Calculus Of Vector Fields.mp326.1 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch03 - Vector Integral Calculus.mp326.7 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch05 - Application Of Gauss' Law.mp326.6 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch06 - Electric Field In Var Circumstances part 1 of 2.mp325.2 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch07 - Electric Field In Var Circumstances part 2 of 2.mp326 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch09 - Electricity In The Atmosphere.mp325.9 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch10 - Dielectrics.mp323.6 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch11 - Inside Dielectrics.mp324.8 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch12 - Electrostatic Analogs.mp325.8 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch13 - Magnetostatics.mp325.9 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch14 - Magnetic Field In Various Situations.mp325.6 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch15 - Vector Potential.mp324.8 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch16 - Induced Currents.mp325.4 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch17 - Laws Of Induction.mp326.8 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch18 - Maxwells Equations.mp324.2 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch20 - Solutions Maxwells Eqns Free Space.mp323.3 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch22 - AC Circuits.mp325.9 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch23 - Cavity Resonators.mp325.9 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch24 - Waveguides.mp325.7 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch25 - Electrodynamics In Relativistic Notation.mp325.5 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch26 - Lorentz Transformations.mp325.1 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch27 - Field Energy And Momentum.mp326.2 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch30 - Internal Geometry Of Crystals.mp324.9 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch31 - Tensors.mp327.5 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch32 - Refractive Index Of Dense Materials.mp324.8 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch33 - Surface Reflection.mp326.5 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch34 - The Magnetism Of Matter.mp324 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch35 - Paramagnetism And Magnetic.mp318.7 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch36 - Ferromagnetism.mp319.6 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch37 - Magnetic Materials.mp328.4 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch38 - Elasticity.mp326.5 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch39 - Elastic Material.mp324.4 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch40 - Flow Of Dry Water.mp325.3 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch41 - Flow Of Wet Water.mp326.8 MB
iconVolume 2/V2 Ch42 - Curved Space.mp335.3 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch01 - Quantum Behavior.mp320.5 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch02 - Relation Of Wave And Particle Viewpoints.mp320.4 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch03 - Probability Amplitudes.mp321.7 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch04 - Identical Particles.mp317.5 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch06 - Spin One Half.mp337 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch07 - Amplitude Dependence On Time.mp321.3 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch08 - The Hamiltonian Matrix.mp324.7 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch09 - The Amonia Maser.mp327.1 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch10 - Other Two State Systems.mp325.1 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch11 - More Two State Systems.mp328.5 MB
iconVolume 3/V3 Ch12 - Hyperfine Splitting In Hydrogen Atoms.mp316.3 MB
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