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4shared Demands Retraction Over Misleading Piracy Report

Popular file-hosting service 4shared has criticized a "defamatory" report in which it was branded a "shadowy cyberlocker." 4shared explains that it takes extensive measures to deter pirates and is now demanding a public retraction of the damaging report.
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Daphne Rosen Collection

Torrent Details

Photo Not Available
Daphne Rosen Collection
Size10.6 GB in 71 files
ReleasesAdded on 12/07/11 at 21:43:32 into the Adult category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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icon4302_s03_daphnerosen.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.50.50].jpg175 KB
iconBig Tit Glory Hole. Scene 4 - Daphne Rosen.avi338 MB
iconBig Tit Glory Hole. Scene 4 - Daphne Rosen.avi_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.47.56].jpg250 KB
iconBrunette_Daphne_Rosen_Catches_Cocks_Between_Her_Huge_Mammaries_And_Cum_On_Her_Face_Boobs_Cumshot_DP.avi183 MB
iconBrunette_Daphne_Rosen_Catches_Cocks_Between_Her_Huge_Mammaries_And_Cum_On_Her_Face_Boobs_Cumshot_DP.avi_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.53.54].jpg248 KB
iconBustyFever - Daphne Rosen.mp4754.7 MB
iconBustyFever - Daphne Rosen.mp4_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.54.37].jpg192.4 KB
iconBustyz - Daphne Rosen & Alexis Silver.mpg537.1 MB
iconBustyz - Daphne Rosen & Alexis Silver.mpg_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.45.55].jpg285 KB
iconDaphne Rosen - Freaks of Boobs.wmv531.2 MB
iconDaphne Rosen - Freaks of Boobs.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.42.55].jpg203.8 KB
iconDaphne Rosen - Pornstars Like It Big [5_30_07].mpeg367.8 MB
iconDaphne Rosen - Pornstars Like It Big [5_30_07].mpeg_thumbs_[2011.12.03_09.46.08].jpg261.1 KB
iconDaphne Rosen ~ BigNaturals.mpg121.7 MB
iconDaphne Rosen ~ BigNaturals.mpg.jpg246 KB
iconDaphne Rosen ~ Racks & Blacks.mpg491.3 MB
iconDaphne Rosen ~ Racks & Blacks.mpg.jpg290.9 KB
iconDaphne-Maggie-Green-HD_25357_Large.wmv245 MB
iconDaphne-Maggie-Green-HD_25357_Large.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.37.05].jpg244.6 KB
iconDaphneRosen_23558_BTH_WMV_HD_1280x720_MFS.wmv309.9 MB
iconDaphneRosen_23558_BTH_WMV_HD_1280x720_MFS.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.35.18].jpg249.1 KB
iconHT - 2008.01.22 - Daphne Rosen (4940).wmv296.9 MB
iconHT - 2008.01.22 - Daphne Rosen (4940).wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_10.42.10].jpg191.5 KB
iconHogtied/4302_s01_daphnerosen.wmv57.8 MB
iconHogtied/4302_s02_daphnerosen.wmv41.2 MB
iconHogtied/4302_s03_daphnerosen.wmv52.1 MB
iconHogtied/4302_s04_daphnerosen.wmv41.3 MB
iconHogtied/4302_s05_daphnerosen.wmv56.7 MB
iconHogtied/4302_sxx_daphnerosen.wmv29.5 MB
iconLex Steele vs Daphne Rosen.flv90.4 MB
iconLex Steele vs Daphne Rosen.flv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_10.40.54].jpg247.5 KB
iconPhat Azz White Girls - Cd2 (Vanessa Blue, Jada Fire, Carmen Hayes, Eve Lawrence, Olivia O'lovely, Daphne Rosen).mpg638.6 MB
iconPhat Azz White Girls - Cd2 (Vanessa Blue, Jada Fire, Carmen Hayes, Eve Lawrence, Olivia O'lovely, Daphne Rosen).mpg_thumbs_[2011.12.03_10.39.05].jpg268.6 KB
iconSara Jay and Daphne Rosen Part 1.wmv149.2 MB
iconSara Jay and Daphne Rosen Part 1.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_10.37.59].jpg237.7 KB
iconSara Jay and Daphne Rosen Part 2.wmv94.4 MB
iconSara Jay and Daphne Rosen Part 2.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_10.36.53].jpg253.4 KB
iconSc5 Daphne Rosen.avi319.6 MB
iconSc5 Daphne Rosen.avi_thumbs_[2011.12.03_10.36.11].jpg249.7 KB
iconScene 3 - Daphne Rosen.avi194.4 MB
iconScene 3 - Daphne Rosen.avi_thumbs_[2011.12.03_09.40.52].jpg255.5 KB
iconSquirt Ilustrated 3 - Daphne Rose sc3.wmv194.9 MB
iconSquirt Ilustrated 3 - Daphne Rose sc3.wmv_thumbs_2[2011.12.03_09.38.jpg219.3 KB
iconWhiteBootyWorship2_Scene5_Daphne Rosen_AtomicGdog.avi444.9 MB
iconWhiteBootyWorship2_Scene5_Daphne Rosen_AtomicGdog.avi_thumbs_[2011.12.03_10.34.28].jpg230 KB
iconap3725500k.wmv362.1 MB
iconap3725500k.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.48.49].jpg320.7 KB
iconc4698_640x480.wmv274.9 MB
iconc4698_640x480.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.55.37].jpg228.1 KB
icondaphne_rosen_BWB.mpg319.8 MB
icondaphne_rosen_BWB.mpg_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.42.29].jpg273.3 KB
icondaphne_rosen_BWB.wmv382.6 MB
icondaphne_rosen_BWB.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.41.23].jpg295.3 KB
icondaphne_rosen_MLB.wmv426.5 MB
icondaphne_rosen_MLB.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_09.44.57].jpg247.6 KB
icondaphne_rosen_MLIB.wmv333.9 MB
icondaphne_rosen_MLIB.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.40.19].jpg251.1 KB
icondaphne_rosen_RAB.wmv387.6 MB
icondaphne_rosen_RAB.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_09.44.17].jpg251.9 KB
icondaphne_rosen_RAB3.wmv343 MB
icondaphne_rosen_RAB3.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_09.43.33].jpg254.8 KB
icondaphne_sheila_BZV.wmv431.3 MB
icondaphne_sheila_BZV.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.39.05].jpg259.4 KB
icondaphne_tia-freaks_of_boobs.wmv298.8 MB
icondaphne_tia-freaks_of_boobs.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.38.02].jpg234 KB
iconlex-ir-bl-videoclip33.flv102.1 MB
iconlex-ir-bl-videoclip33.flv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_11.46.38].jpg231.4 KB
iconmgb_daphne_rosen03.wmv293.3 MB
iconmgb_daphne_rosen03.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_09.42.28].jpg255.6 KB
iconms4242500k.wmv259 MB
iconms4242500k.wmv_thumbs_[2011.12.03_09.41.34].jpg251.5 KB