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Pirate Site Operator Slapped With $10 Million in Damages

A U.S. federal court in Oregon has signed a judgment ordering the operator of several tiny streaming sites to pay $10 million in damages to ABS-CBN. The entertainment and media conglomerate is touting the outcome as a landmark victory, but is that really the case?
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New Telugu Songs

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New Telugu Songs
Size226 MB in 59 files
ReleasesAdded on 01/05/11 at 06:23:47 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 5 peers
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iconAthidhi.01.Khabaddharani.mp34 MB
iconAthidhi.02.Gona.Gona.mp34.1 MB
iconAthidhi.03.Satyam.Emito.mp34.4 MB
iconAthidhi.04.Khiladi.Koona.mp33.9 MB
iconAthidhi.05.Rathraina.mp34.4 MB
iconAthidhi.06.Valla...Valla.mp33.9 MB
iconChiruta 01 - Yamaho Yama.mp34.5 MB
iconChiruta 02 - Love U Raa.mp34.4 MB
iconChiruta 03 - Yenduko.mp34.1 MB
iconChiruta 04 - Champka Champka.mp34.7 MB
iconChiruta 05 - Maaro Maaro.mp34.3 MB
iconChiruta 06 - Kanneeti (Bit Song).mp31.6 MB
iconChiruta 07 - Ivvale.mp34.1 MB
iconChiruta 08 - Innala (Bit Song).mp31.6 MB
iconGodava.01.Evaro.mp34 MB
iconGodava.02.Karant.Kastha.mp33.7 MB
iconGodava.03.Okkasari.mp34.4 MB
iconGodava.04.Mounamlo.mp34.2 MB
iconGodava.05.Hutch.Phone.mp33.7 MB
iconGodava.06.Kaya.Panda.mp34.3 MB
iconHappy Days Track 01.mp34.1 MB
iconHappy Days Track 02.mp31.2 MB
iconHappy Days Track 03.mp34.4 MB
iconHappy Days Track 04.mp33.8 MB
iconHappy Days Track 05.mp34.1 MB
iconHappy Days Track 06.mp34.2 MB
iconHappy Days Track 07.mp33.1 MB
iconHello Premistaraa 01 - Ninna Monna.mp34.5 MB
iconHello Premistaraa 02 - Eppudoo Leni.mp34.2 MB
iconHello Premistaraa 03 - Nee Peru Vintene.mp33.9 MB
iconHello Premistaraa 04 - Lifeante Travel.mp33.6 MB
iconHello Premistaraa 05 - Dum Dum Dum.mp34.3 MB
iconShankar Dada Zindhabad - aakalesthe.mp33.9 MB
iconShankar Dada Zindhabad - bhoogolamantha.mp34 MB
iconShankar Dada Zindhabad - chandamama.mp33.4 MB
iconShankar Dada Zindhabad - good morning hydrabad.mp34.2 MB
iconShankar Dada Zindhabad - good morning hydrabed [devi mix].mp34 MB
iconShankar Dada Zindhabad - jagadeka veeruniki.mp35.4 MB
iconShankar Dada Zindhabad - o bapu nevve ravali.mp33 MB
iconThulasi.01.Mia.Mia.mp34.1 MB
iconThulasi.02.Vennelintha.mp33.9 MB
iconThulasi.03.Tula.Tula.Thulasi.mp34.2 MB
iconThulasi.04.Hello.Boys.mp33.4 MB
iconThulasi.05.Nee.Kallathoti.mp33.6 MB
iconThulasi.06.Ne.Chuk.Chuk.Bandini.mp34.7 MB
iconVijaydasami Track 01.mp34.8 MB
iconVijaydasami Track 02.mp34.6 MB
iconVijaydasami Track 03.mp34.7 MB
iconVijaydasami Track 04.mp34.2 MB
iconVijaydasami Track 05.mp34 MB
iconYamadonga 01.Rabbaru Gajulu.mp34.8 MB
iconYamadonga 02.Noonoogu Meesalodu.mp34.5 MB
iconYamadonga 03.Na Chore.mp34.4 MB
iconYamadonga 04.O Lammi Thikkareginda.mp33.8 MB
iconYamadonga 05.Nuv Muttukunte.mp33.4 MB
iconYamadonga 06.Srikarakarunda.mp3528.7 KB
iconYamadonga 07.Chala Challaga Gali.mp31.7 MB
iconYamadonga 08.Bambharala Chumbhanala.mp3875.6 KB
iconYamadonga 09.Young Yama.mp34.4 MB