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Megaupload Sues Hong Kong Over Unlawful Shutdown

Megaupload has sued the Hong Kong Government in an attempt to unfreeze its assets, which effectively shut down the company. The file-hosting service notes that the U.S. request to lock up its assets was unlawful, and hopes to use its funds to enable users of the service to access their personal files.
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Bob Dylan - The Copyright Extension Collection (2013) 4CD MP3@320kbps Be ...

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Bob Dylan - The Copyright Extension Collection (2013) 4CD MP3@320kbps Be ...
Size661 MB in 87 files
ReleasesAdded on 01/03/13 at 07:33:22 into the Music category by Unknown.
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iconArt.jpg710 KB
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iconCD1/01 - Going Down To New Orleans (Mx. CO 70085-1).mp38.3 MB
iconCD1/02 - Going Down To New Orleans (Mx. CO 70085-2).mp37.8 MB
iconCD1/03 - Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-2).mp36.8 MB
iconCD1/04 - Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-3).mp36.3 MB
iconCD1/05 - Rambling Gambling Willie (Mx. CO 70087-1).mp310.9 MB
iconCD1/06 - Rambling Gambling Willie (Mx. CO 70087-3).mp311.1 MB
iconCD1/07 - Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 70088-1).mp38.2 MB
iconCD1/08 - Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 70088-2).mp37.9 MB
iconCD1/09 - The Death Of Emmett Till (Mx. CO 70089-1).mp310.6 MB
iconCD1/10 - (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (Mx. CO 70091-2).mp35.4 MB
iconCD1/11 - Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) (Mx. CO 70096-3).mp37.3 MB
iconCD1/12 - Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-4).mp37.8 MB
iconCD1/13 - Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-5).mp34.9 MB
iconCD1/14 - Baby, Please Don't Go (Mx. CO 70099-1).mp35.4 MB
iconCD1/15 - Baby, Please Don't Go (Mx. CO 70099-3).mp35 MB
iconCD1/16 - Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) (Mx. CO 70100-1).mp35.2 MB
iconCD1/17 - Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) (Mx. CO 70100-3).mp36.3 MB
iconCD1/18 - Wichita Blues (Going To Louisiana) (Mx. CO 70101-1).mp37.6 MB
iconCD1/19 - Wichita (Going To Louisiana) (Mx. CO 70101-2).mp37.3 MB
iconCD1/20 - Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) (Mx. CO 70100-4).mp36.9 MB
iconCD1/21 - Wichita (Going To Louisiana) (Mx. CO 70101-2).mp37.3 MB
iconCD1/22 - Babe, I'm In The Mood For You (Mx. CO 75717-2).mp37.3 MB
iconCD1/23 - Blowin' In The Wind (Mx. CO 75719-1).mp36.5 MB
iconCD1/24 - Blowin' In The Wind (Mx. CO 75719-2).mp36.9 MB
iconCD1/25 - Worried Blues (Mx. CO 75723-1).mp36.5 MB
iconCD1/26 - Babe, I'm In The Mood For You 75717-4.mp36.9 MB
iconCD2/01 - Bob Dylan's Blues (Mx. CO 75718-2).mp38.3 MB
iconCD2/02 - Bob Dylan's Blues (Mx. CO 75718-3).mp35.8 MB
iconCD2/03 - Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 76981-2).mp35.7 MB
iconCD2/04 - Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 76981-3).mp36.8 MB
iconCD2/05 - That's All Right, Mama (Mx. CO 76983-1).mp38.3 MB
iconCD2/06 - That's All Right, Mama (Mx. CO 76983-3).mp37.1 MB
iconCD2/07 - That's All Right, Mama (Mx. CO 76983-5).mp37.1 MB
iconCD2/08 - Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-3).mp36.5 MB
iconCD2/09 - Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-5).mp36.6 MB
iconCD2/10 - Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-6).mp36.4 MB
iconCD2/11 - Mixed Up Confusion (mx. CO 76982-7).mp36.2 MB
iconCD2/12 - Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-9).mp35.9 MB
iconCD2/13 - Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-10).mp35.6 MB
iconCD2/14 - Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-11).mp35.7 MB
iconCD2/15 - That's All Right, Mama (remakeoverdub CO76893-3).mp37.1 MB
iconCD2/16 - Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) (Mx. CO 76986-2).mp36.2 MB
iconCD2/17 - Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Mx. CO 77003-2).mp312.6 MB
iconCD2/18 - Kingsport Town (Mx. CO 77004-1).mp34.4 MB
iconCD2/19 - When Death Comes Creepin' (Whatcha Gonna Do) (Mx. CO 77005-1).mp37.6 MB
iconCD2/20 - Hero Blues (mx. CO 77020-1).mp37.1 MB
iconCD2/21 - When Death Comes Creepin' (Whatcha Gonna Do) (Mx. CO 77021-1).mp35.1 MB
iconCD2/22 - I Shall Be Free (Mx. CO 77023-3).mp36.7 MB
iconCD2/23 - I Shall Be Free (Mx. CO 77023-5).mp310.8 MB
iconCD2/24 - Hero Blues (Mx. CO 77020-2).mp37.4 MB
iconCD2/25 - Hero Blues (Mx. CO 77020-4).mp36.6 MB
iconCD3/01 - Hard Times In New York Town (Mackenzie Home Tapes).mp34.9 MB
iconCD3/02 - The Death Of Emmett Till (Mackenzie Home Tapes).mp310.6 MB
iconCD3/04 - House Of The Rising Sun (Mackenzie Home Tapes).mp38 MB
iconCD3/05 - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Mackenzie Home Tapes).mp32.6 MB
iconCD3/06 - Ballad Of Donald White (Mackenzie Home Tapes).mp311 MB
iconCD3/07 - Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance (Gerde's Folk City).mp36.1 MB
iconCD3/08 - Talkin' New York (Gerde's Folk City).mp310.6 MB
iconCD3/09 - Corrina, Corrina (Gerde's Folk City).mp39.4 MB
iconCD3/10 - Deep Ellum Blues (Gerde's Folk City).mp38.1 MB
iconCD3/11 - Blowin' In The Wind (Gerde's Folk City).mp37.6 MB
iconCD3/12 - The Death Of Emmett Till (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp311.1 MB
iconCD3/13 - Stealin' (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp35.8 MB
iconCD3/14 - Hiram Hubbard (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp312.4 MB
iconCD3/15 - Blowin' In The Wind (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp39.6 MB
iconCD3/16 - Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp311.5 MB
iconCD3/17 - Quit Your Low Down Ways (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp37.8 MB
iconCD3/18 - He Was A Friend Of Mine (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp39.7 MB
iconCD3/19 - Let Me Die In My Footsteps (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp311.9 MB
iconCD3/20 - Two Trains Runnin' (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp39.7 MB
iconCD3/21 - Ramblin' On My Mind (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp37 MB
iconCD3/22 - Muleskinner Blues (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp33.2 MB
iconCD3/23 - Muleskinner Blues (part 2) (Finjan Club, Montreal).mp33.9 MB
iconCD4/01 - Sally Gal (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny).mp37.2 MB
iconCD4/02 - Highway 51 (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny).mp39.7 MB
iconCD4/03 - Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny).mp311.5 MB
iconCD4/04 - The Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny).mp313.7 MB
iconCD4/05 - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny).mp316.7 MB
iconCD4/06 - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (The Gaslight Café, NYC).mp38.3 MB
iconCD4/07 - No More Auction Block (The Gaslight Café, NYC).mp37.1 MB
iconCD4/08 - A Motherless Child (The Gaslight Café, NYC).mp37.7 MB
iconCD4/09 - Kindhearted Woman Blues (The Gaslight Café, NYC).mp36.2 MB
iconCD4/10 - Black Cross (The Gaslight Café, NYC).mp39.6 MB
iconCD4/11 - The Ballad of Hollis Brown (The Gaslight Café, NYC).mp313.5 MB
iconCD4/12 - Ain't No More Cane (The Gaslight Café, NYC).mp34.9 MB