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Torrent Site Fenopy Shuts Down Quietly

Fenopy, one of the older torrent sites that's been around for nearly nine years, has shut down voluntarily. The closure marks the end of what once was described as the first "web 2.0" torrent site.
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Android Apps And Games (04 16 2013)

Torrent Details

Photo Not Available
Android Apps and Games (04 16 2013)
Size951 MB in 70 files
ReleasesAdded on 04/15/13 at 22:14:01 into the category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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We are currently looking for a partner that can provide us proper descriptions for music/applications/games.


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iconAlarm Clock Ultra v2.4.8 apkmania.com.apk24.7 MB
iconAlpha Squadron v1.4.9 apkmania.com.apk39.9 MB
iconAudioManager Pro v4.1.1 apkmania.com.apk2.2 MB
iconBIG! caller ID Pro Key v1.0 apkmania.com.apk40 KB
iconBabel Rising 3D v2.2.19 apkmania.com.apk48.7 MB
iconBackCountry Navigator PRO v4.9.1 apkmania.com.apk4.3 MB
iconBunny Mania 2 v1.0.11 apkmania.com.apk46 MB
iconCamera JB+ v2.0 apkmania.com.apk8.4 MB
iconCameraPro v2.52 apkmania.com.apk802.5 KB
iconCircleLauncher v2.2.2 apkmania.com.apk763.6 KB
iconColourform (HDW theme pack) v1.1 apkmania.com.apk2.3 MB
iconCrazy Machines GoldenGears HD v1.8 apkmania.com.apk30.6 MB
iconDelitape - Deluxe Cassette v2.0 apkmania.com.apk13.3 MB
iconDock Clock Plus v1.3 apkmania.com.apk1.3 MB
iconDragon, Fly! Full v4.03 apkmania.com.apk4.6 MB
iconEVA - Virtual Assistant v2.87 apkmania.com.apk6.8 MB
iconExternal Keyboard Helper Pro v5.9 apkmania.com.apk449.4 KB
iconF-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.074 [ICS] apkmania.com.apk29.1 MB
iconFlight Simulator Cessna 172 v1.01 apkmania.com.apk21.2 MB
iconFull Screen Caller ID - BIG! v2.3.5.apk3.4 MB
iconGLASS APEX NOVA GO THEME v4.6 apkmania.com.apk32.5 MB
iconGun Strike XperiaPlay v1.3.1 apkmania.com.apk30.2 MB
iconHD 3D Launcher PRO v1.1.8 apkmania.com.apk719 KB
iconHandy Album Pro v6.0 apkmania.com.apk20.2 MB
iconHerd Of Heroes v1.06 apkmania.com.apk30.4 MB
iconIM+ Pro v6.5.0 apkmania.com.apk7.6 MB
iconInfinite Painter v2.5.1 apkmania.com.apk10.4 MB
iconInstaPicFramePRO for Instagram v1.1.2 apkmania.com.apk10.8 MB
iconJ4T Multitrack Recorder v3.2 apkmania.com.apk1.2 MB
iconJust 6 Weeks v1.8.0 apkmania.com.apk2.1 MB
iconKeep Screen ON PRO v1.4 apkmania.com.apk422.4 KB
iconLustre (theme) v1.3.5 apkmania.com.apk15.4 MB
iconLux Auto Brightness v1.12 apkmania.com.apk1.7 MB
iconMYFC Manager 2013 v2.08 apkmania.com.apk6.5 MB
iconMobile Counter Pro - 3G, WIFI v3.1.1 apkmania.com.apk1.3 MB
iconMoon+ Reader Pro v1.9.5b apkmania.com.apk6 MB
iconMusic Player (Remix) v1.3.0 apkmania.com.apk2.1 MB
iconMy 3D Fish II v2.1 apkmania.com.apk4.2 MB
iconMy Budget Book v3.9.1 apkmania.com.apk1.3 MB
iconMy Log Home iLWP v1.02 apkmania.com.apk37.7 MB
iconNinja SMS v1.2.0 apkmania.com.apk1.7 MB
iconOfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD) v7.1.1222 apkmania.com.apk24.2 MB
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iconPopup Notifier Plus v5.1 apkmania.com.apk2.2 MB
iconProfile Scheduler+ v2.1.5 apkmania.com.apk1.3 MB
iconProximity Screen Off Pro v6.0 apkmania.com.apk700.6 KB
iconPuzzle Alarm Clock v1.3.6/Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO Key v1.0 apkmania.com.apk23.6 KB
iconPuzzle Alarm Clock v1.3.6/Puzzle Alarm Clock v1.3.6.apk6.1 MB
iconRAM Booster Pro v1.8 apkmania.com.apk1.3 MB
iconReNotify+ v1.6.8 apkmania.com.apk223.9 KB
iconRepulze v1.0.2/Repulze v1.0.2 apkmania.com.apk15.5 MB
iconRepulze v1.0.2/com.pixelbite.Repulze/main.101.com.pixelbite.Repulze.obb241.8 MB
iconRoot Cleaner v1.4.0 apkmania.com.apk642.5 KB
iconScanner Radio Pro v3.9.5 apkmania.com.apk1.9 MB
iconScreenshot Ultimate Pro v2.5.4 apkmania.com.apk1.6 MB
iconShot Control v3.1.0 apkmania.com.apk1 MB
iconShuttle+ Music Player v1.3.6 apkmania.com.apk2.9 MB
iconSidebar Pro v4.2.1.0 apkmania.com.apk332.7 KB
iconSliding Messaging Pro v5.52 apkmania.com.apk5.2 MB
iconStart menu for Android v1.2.1 apkmania.com.apk272.4 KB
iconTOUCH APEX NOVA THEME v1.6 apkmania.com.apk15.4 MB
iconTersus (theme) v1.3.5 apkmania.com.apk16.7 MB
iconTextgram Pro v2.3.5 apkmania.com.apk13.5 MB
iconTropical Stormfront - RTS v1.0.14 apkmania.com.apk45.5 MB
iconaCalendar+ Android Calendar v0.14.9.2 apkmania.com.apk758.1 KB
iconaTorrent PRO - Torrent App v2.0.2.7 apkmania.com.apk3.3 MB
iconfranco.Kernel updater v9.2 apkmania.com.apk1.1 MB
icontinyCam Monitor PRO v4.3.7 apkmania.com.apk3.9 MB