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Vuze Releases Leap, a Simple and Lightweight Torrent Client

The makers of the popular file-sharing software Vuze have released a brand new BitTorrent client. Vuze Leap is a dummy-proof application with a simple interface, which uses minimal resources. According to the company there is a massive demand for a clean and straightforward BitTorrent client.
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Discografia Muse

Torrent Details

Photo Not Available
Discografia Muse
Size434 MB in 73 files
ReleasesAdded on 01/10/11 at 20:24:05 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status3 seeds & 0 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconMuse - Absolution/01. Intro.mp3536.1 KB
iconMuse - Absolution/02. Apocalypse Please.mp35.8 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/03. Time Is Running Out.mp35.4 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/04. Sing For Absolution.mp36.7 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/05. Stockholm Syndrome.mp36.8 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/06. Falling Away With You.mp36.4 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/07. Interlude.mp3883.1 KB
iconMuse - Absolution/08. Hysteria.mp35.2 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/09. Blackout.mp36 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/10. Butterflies && Hurricanes.mp36.9 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/11. The Small Print.mp34.8 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/12. Endlessly.mp35.2 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/13. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist.mp34.4 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/14. Ruled By Secrecy.mp36.7 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/Bonus track. Fury.mp36.9 MB
iconMuse - Absolution/muse_absolution-back.jpg185.7 KB
iconMuse - Absolution/muse_absolution-front.jpg160.1 KB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/01- Forced In.mp39.9 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/02- Shrinking Universe.mp37.1 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/03- Recess.mp38.2 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/04- Yes Please.mp37.1 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/05- Map Of Your Head.mp310.1 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/06- Nature_1.mp38.4 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/07- Shine Acoustic.mp311.9 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/08- Ashamed.mp38.7 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/09- The Gallery.mp38 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD1/10- Hyper Chondriac Music.mp312.6 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/01- Dead Star.mp39.5 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/02- Micro Cuts.mp38 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/03- Citizen Erased.mp316.8 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/04- Showbiz.mp311.6 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/05- Megalomania.mp310.6 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/06- Dark Shines.mp310.6 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/07- Screenager.mp310 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/08- Space Dementia.mp312.7 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/09- In Your World.mp37.3 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/10- Muscle Museum.mp310.3 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Hullabaloo - CD2/11- Agitated.mp39.6 MB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/Muse_-_Hullabaloo-back(1).jpg162.2 KB
iconMuse - Hullabaloo/bso_-_muse_hullabaloo-front.jpg70.9 KB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/01. New Born.mp38.4 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/02. Bliss.mp35.9 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/03. Space Dementia.mp38.8 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/04. Hyper Music.mp34.6 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/05. Plug In Baby.mp35.1 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/06. Citizen Erased.mp310.1 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/07. Micro Cuts.mp35.1 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/08. Screenager.mp36.1 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/09. Dark Shines.mp36.7 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/10. Feeling Good.mp34.6 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/11. Megalomania.mp36.3 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/Bonustrack. Muse - Futurism.mp34.8 MB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/muse_Origin_Of_Symmetry-back.jpg95.8 KB
iconMuse - Origin of symmetry/muse_Origin_Of_Symmetry-front.jpg62 KB
iconMuse - Showbiz/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.2 KB
iconMuse - Showbiz/AlbumArt_{B48D3DB6-08DB-43AC-A728-9FFA0B5B61AB}_Large.jpg8.6 KB
iconMuse - Showbiz/AlbumArt_{B48D3DB6-08DB-43AC-A728-9FFA0B5B61AB}_Small.jpg2.2 KB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Folder.jpg8.6 KB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 01 - Sunburn.mp35.4 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 02 - Muscle Museum.mp36.1 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 03 - Fillip.mp35.5 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 04 - Falling Down.mp36.3 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 05 - Cave.mp36.6 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 06 - Showbiz.mp37.2 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 07 - Unintended.mp35.4 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 08 - Uno.mp35 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 09 - Sober.mp35.6 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 10 - Escape.mp34.8 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 11 - Overdue.mp33.4 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/Showbiz - 12 - Hate This & I'll Love You.mp37.4 MB
iconMuse - Showbiz/desktop.ini331 B
iconMuse - Showbiz/muse_showbiz-back.jpg113 KB
iconMuse - Showbiz/muse_showbiz-front.jpg154.6 KB