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Embedding Is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules

The Court of Justice of the European Union handed down a landmark verdict this week. The Court ruled that embedding copyrighted videos is not copyright infringement, even if the source video was uploaded without permission.
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Top Paid Android Apps & Themes Pack - 10 September 2013

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Top Paid Android Apps & Themes Pack - 10 September 2013
Size701 MB in 90 files
ReleasesAdded on 09/10/13 at 06:23:21 into the Software category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconAPPS/3G Watchdog Pro v1.23.2 - android-zone.org.apk2.9 MB
iconAPPS/AFWall+ (Donate) v1.2.6.1 - android-zone.org.apk1.5 MB
iconAPPS/AlmostTI - TI Calc Emulator v2.2.6 - android-zone.org.apk3.3 MB
iconAPPS/Android Tuner v0.10.1 - android-zone.org.apk8.1 MB
iconAPPS/Android Zone mobile v1.0 - android-zone.org.apk275.6 KB
iconAPPS/Arcus Hyper Local Weather PRO v2.0.1 - android-zone.org.apk1.7 MB
iconAPPS/Aviate Launcher v1.0 build 43 UNLOCKED - android-zone.org.apk2.7 MB
iconAPPS/Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) v1.10.1 (For 4.0+) - android-zone.org.apk1.1 MB
iconAPPS/Black Infinitum Theme - Dark v4.6.5 - android-zone.org.apk5.9 MB
iconAPPS/Blue Infinitum Theme - Dark v4.6.5 - android-zone.org.apk6.7 MB
iconAPPS/Boat Browser v6.0 + Pro License Key + Theme - android-zone.org.zip4.8 MB
iconAPPS/Business Calendar v1.4.0.4 - android-zone.org.apk2.1 MB
iconAPPS/CM 10.21AOKP Dark Fire Theme v1.32 - android-zone.org.apk11.6 MB
iconAPPS/Calc 92+ Donation v1.0.15 - android-zone.org.apk1.1 MB
iconAPPS/CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator FULL v2.6.1.20130906 - android-zone.org.apk11.8 MB
iconAPPS/Changelog Droid Premium v3.5.7 - android-zone.org.apk1.5 MB
iconAPPS/Color Splash Effect Pro v1.5.0 - android-zone.org.apk8.7 MB
iconAPPS/Comic Reader Mobi v3.1.7 - android-zone.org.apk8.8 MB
iconAPPS/Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus v2.0 - android-zone.org.apk537.3 KB
iconAPPS/Cracked Screen FULL v1.5.5 - android-zone.org.apk1 MB
iconAPPS/DarkJelly Theme Chooser Root v3.2 - android-zone.org.apk24.9 MB
iconAPPS/Device Frame Generator v1.0.7 - android-zone.org.apk7.7 MB
iconAPPS/DynamicNotifications Premium v2.0 beta 1 - android-zone.org.apk1.5 MB
iconAPPS/EVA - (Siri for Android) v3.18 - android-zone.org.apk8.5 MB
iconAPPS/Electrum Drum MachineSampler v4.7.6.1 - android-zone.org.apk6 MB
iconAPPS/Enhance Booth v1.0.8 - android-zone.org.apk3.8 MB
iconAPPS/Espier Launcher v3.2.4 - android-zone.org.apk5.8 MB
iconAPPS/FACEinHOLE v3.4.5 - android-zone.org.apk3 MB
iconAPPS/FREEdi YouTube Downloader Pro v2.2.15 - android-zone.org.apk779.8 KB
iconAPPS/Fast Pro for Facebook v2.1 - android-zone.org.apk2.3 MB
iconAPPS/File Expert HD Pro v2.0.2 build 216 - android-zone.org.apk10.6 MB
iconAPPS/File Expert Pro v6.0.2 build 216 - android-zone.org.apk10.3 MB
iconAPPS/FriendCaster Pro for Facebook v5.4.2 - android-zone.org.apk6.2 MB
iconAPPS/Full Screen Caller ID Pro - BIG! v3.0.1 - android-zone.org.rar3.7 MB
iconAPPS/GO Cleaner & Task Manager PRO v3.7 - android-zone.org.apk5.6 MB
iconAPPS/Glovebox Premium - Launcher v3.1.1a - android-zone.org.apk7.6 MB
iconAPPS/Goal tracker SmartGoals Pro v1.23 - android-zone.apk1.9 MB
iconAPPS/Greenify ROOT Renew my Phone Donate v1.95 Beta5 - android-zone.org.zip1.3 MB
iconAPPS/HB-Verbrauchszähler v9.3 (German) - android-zone.org.apk3.3 MB
iconAPPS/HD Widgets v3.10.2 - android-zone.org.apk22.6 MB
iconAPPS/Handrite note Notepad Pro v1.99 - android-zone.org.apk4.6 MB
iconAPPS/Handy Album Pro v6.4 - android-zone.org.apk20.7 MB
iconAPPS/Handyman Calculator Pro v2.0.4 - android-zone.org.apk2.5 MB
iconAPPS/IP Cam Viewer Pro v5.0.6 - android-zone.org.apk10.2 MB
iconAPPS/Icon Pack - Chrome v2.0.9 - android-zone.org.apk37.5 MB
iconAPPS/Jota+ (Text Editor) Pro v0.3.25 - android-zone.org.zip942.8 KB
iconAPPS/Kaiten Mail v2.014 android-zone.org.apk3.3 MB
iconAPPS/LogMeIn Ignition v2.1.592 - android-zone.org.apk3.8 MB
iconAPPS/Minimalistic Text PRO v3. - android-zone.org.apk3.6 MB
iconAPPS/Moon+ Reader Pro v2.1.1 - android-zone.org.apk6.9 MB
iconAPPS/NOVA DOCKS v1.3 - android-zone.org.apk8.9 MB
iconAPPS/Nandroid Manager Pro v1.4.1 - android-zone.org.apk2.9 MB
iconAPPS/Next Launcher 3D v2.01 Build 93 Patched - android-zone.org.apk12.3 MB
iconAPPS/Nexus Triangles LWP v3.04 - android-zone.org.apk1.4 MB
iconAPPS/Notification Weather Pro v1.1.6 - android-zone.org.apk1.3 MB
iconAPPS/Nova Launcher Prime v2.2.2 Final PROPER - android-zone.org.zip3.1 MB
iconAPPS/ORIGAMI theme - icon pack v1.1 - android-zone.org.apk9.5 MB
iconAPPS/OfficeSuite Font Package v1.1.3 - android-zone.org.apk14.2 KB
iconAPPS/OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD) v7.2.1336 - android-zone.org.apk26.3 MB
iconAPPS/Orange Accent AOSPAOKP Theme v1.00 - android-zone.org.apk10.5 MB
iconAPPS/PicsArt - Photo Studio (NoAds) v3.9.1 - android-zone.org.apk16.7 MB
iconAPPS/Podcast Addict Donate v1.23.5 - android-zone.org.apk2.1 MB
iconAPPS/PrintHand Mobile Print Premium v5.0.3 - android-zone.org.apk4 MB
iconAPPS/Pure Grid calendar widget 2.5.5 - android-zone.org.apk991.3 KB
iconAPPS/Pure news widget (scrollable) v1.3.8 - android-zone.org.apk930.2 KB
iconAPPS/Real Colors Pro v1.2.8 - android-zone.org.apk10.3 MB
iconAPPS/Send Anywhere PRO v3.9.6 - android-zone.org.apk1.1 MB
iconAPPS/Sidebar Plus Premium (Multi-bars) v1.2 - android-zone.org.apk2 MB
iconAPPS/Slingshot Puzzle v2.0 - android-zone.org.apk172 MB
iconAPPS/Smart App Protector v5.6.0 [Patched] - android-zone.org.apk1.6 MB
iconAPPS/Smart Volume Control+ v1.1.4 - android-zone.org.apk8.6 MB
iconAPPS/Solid Explorer FULL v1.5 [20130907] - android-zone.org.apk5.3 MB
iconAPPS/Spirit FM Unlocked v2013_09_07 - android-zone.org.apk761.3 KB
iconAPPS/Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) v1.9.10 - android-zone.org.apk3 MB
iconAPPS/TESLA ORANGE CM AOKP THEME v1.4 - android-zone.org.apk4.9 MB
iconAPPS/Tangerine Dream CM10.1 Theme v2.1 - android-zone.org.apk13.9 MB
iconAPPS/Tegra Overclock v1.6.3a - android-zone.org.apk317.6 KB
iconAPPS/Tool for Picasa, Google+ Photo Premium v7.0.3 - android-zone.org.apk6.9 MB
iconAPPS/Trickster MOD Kernel Settings Donate v2.5.741 - android-zone.org.apk1.6 MB
iconAPPS/TubeMate 2 YouTube Downloader v2.0.1 build 452 Ad-Free - android-zone.org.apk2.1 MB
iconAPPS/WhatsApp Messenger v2.11.62 - android-zone.org.apk10.5 MB
iconAPPS/WhatsApp+ v4.15D - android-zone.org.apk8.5 MB
iconAPPS/WiFi Manager Premium v2.7.0 - android-zone.org.apk1.3 MB
iconAPPS/XPrivacy Pro v1.9.13 - android-zone.org.apk498.1 KB
iconAPPS/Yoma (apex, nova, adw icons) v1.1.0 - android-zone.org.apk14.8 MB
iconAPPS/ZipInstaller v4.0.0 - android-zone.org.apk322.2 KB
iconAPPS/gReader Pro News RSS Reader v3.4.2 beta - android-zone.org.apk4 MB
iconAPPS/musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player Premium v3.5.4 - android-zone.org.apk8.6 MB
iconREADME!!!.txt670 B
iconnfo.nfo9.4 KB