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A new study carried out by BitTorrent Inc. has found that the company's users aren't the freeloaders they're often made out to be. The study found that BitTorrent users are 170% more likely to have paid for digital music in the past six months and are 8x more likely to have a music streaming account when compared to the average Internet user.
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Drake Discography 2006-2013

Torrent Details

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Drake Discography 2006-2013
Size815 MB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 10/02/13 at 05:13:31 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status36 seeds & 9 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconComeback Season 2/02 Congratulations.mp37.8 MB
iconComeback Season 2/03 Overdose On Life Ft. Travis & Mic.mp36.6 MB
iconComeback Season 2/06 Scriptures.mp35.1 MB
iconComeback Season 2/07 Beautiful Music.mp34.4 MB
iconComeback Season 2/09 Bedrock Pt. 2 Ft. Lloyd & Lil Wayne.mp39.6 MB
iconComeback Season 2/13 Pass The Dutch Ft. Lil Wayne & Sh.mp36.3 MB
iconComeback Season 2/18 Forever Remix Ft. Lil Wayne Kanye.mp37.6 MB
iconComeback Season 2/25 Believe Or Not Ft. Gucci Mane.mp35.7 MB
iconComeback Season 2/28 It's Been A Pleasure Ft. Jaye.mp34.9 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Barry Bonds Freestyle.mp34.7 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Closer (feat. Andreena Mill).mp37.2 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Don't U Have A Man (feat. Dwele and Little Brother).mp35.5 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Give Ya (feat. Trey Songz).mp34.7 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Man Of The Year (feat. Lil' Wayne).mp37 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Missin' You (Remix) (feat. Trey Songz).mp37.3 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Must Hate Money (feat. Rich Boy).mp35.6 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Replacement Girl (feat. Trey Songz).mp35.1 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Teach U A Lesson (feat. Robin Thicke).mp37.1 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - The Last Hope (feat. Kardinal Offishall and Andreena Mill).mp34.4 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - The Presentation.mp34.9 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Think Good Thoughts (feat. Little Brother).mp36.2 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/01 Tuscan Leather.mp38.6 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/02 Furthest Thing.mp36.3 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/04 Wu-Tang Forever.mp35.2 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/05 Own It.mp36 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/06 Worst Behaviour.mp36.4 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/07 From Time.mp37.6 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/08 Hold On, We're Going Home.mp35.4 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/09 Connect.mp37 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/10 The Language.mp35.3 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/11 305 To My City.mp36.1 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/12 Too Much.mp36.2 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/13 Pound Cake_Paris Morton Music 2.mp310.1 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/14 Come Thru.mp35.6 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/15 All Me.mp36.4 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/16 The Motion.mp39.6 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/03 - Special Featuring Voyce.mp36.7 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/04 - Do What You Do.mp35.2 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/06 - A.M. 2 P.M. Featuring Nickelus F..mp34.8 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/07 - City Is Mine.mp35.3 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/12 - Video Girl Featuring Sean G..mp35.2 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/14 - Come Winter.mp37.5 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/16 - About The Game (Remix) Featuring Trey Songz.mp35.8 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/17 - All This Love Featuring Voyce.mp34.6 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/19 - A Scorpio's Mind Nickelus F..mp35.3 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/20 - S.T.R.E.S.S.mp35.1 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/22 - Kick, Push (Remix) Featuring Lupe Fiasco.mp36.5 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/01 Houstatlantavegas (Prod. By Noah.mp311.1 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/02 Successful (Prod. By Noah 40 She.mp314.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/03 Best I Ever Had (Prod. By Boi-1d.mp39.9 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/04 Uptown (Prod. By Boi-1da And Arth.mp314.6 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/05 I'm Goin' In (Prod. By Needlz).mp38.7 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/06 The Calm (Prod. By Noah 40 Shebib.mp39.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/07 Fear (Prod. By DJ Khalil).mp310.7 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-02 Houstatlantavegas.mp36.7 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-03 Successful (feat. Trey Songz &.mp38.6 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-04 Lets Call It Off (feat. Peter.mp35.4 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-06 Ignant Shit (feat. Lil' Wayne).mp37 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-07 A Night Off (feat. Lloyd).mp34.5 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-08 Say Whats Real.mp35.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-09 Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li).mp35.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-10 Best I Ever Had.mp35.9 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-11 Unstoppable (feat. Santo Gold.mp34.8 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-12 Uptown (feat. Bun B & Lil' Way.mp38.8 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-13 Sooner Than Later.mp36 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-15 The Calm.mp35.6 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-16 Brand New.mp35 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/01 - Over My Dead Body.mp37.5 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/02 - Shot For Me.mp35.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/03 - Headlines.mp35.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/04 - Crew Love (Ft. The Weekend).mp35.6 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/05 - Take Care (Ft. Rihanna).mp37.2 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/06 - Marvins Room-Buried Alive.mp313 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/07 - Under Gound Kings.mp35.8 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/08 - Well Be Fine (Ft. Birdman).mp36.8 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/09 - Make Me Proud (Ft. Nicki Minaj).mp36.3 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/10 - Lord Knows (Ft. Rick Ross).mp39.3 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/11 - Cameras-Good Ones Go.mp311.6 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/12 - Doing It Wrong.mp36.2 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/13 - The Real Her (Ft. Lil Wayne And Andre 3000).mp38.3 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/14 - Look What You've Done.mp36.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/15 - HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right) (Ft. Lil Wayne).mp36 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/16 - Practice.mp35.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/17 - The Ride.mp38.8 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/19 - Hate Sleeping Alone.mp38.1 MB
iconThank Me Later/01 Fireworks (Ft. Alicia Keys).mp38.4 MB
iconThank Me Later/02 Karaoke.mp35.6 MB
iconThank Me Later/03 The Resistance.mp35.9 MB
iconThank Me Later/04 Over.mp37.8 MB
iconThank Me Later/05 Show Me A Good Time.mp35.8 MB
iconThank Me Later/06 Up All Night (Ft. Nicki Minaj).mp36.8 MB
iconThank Me Later/07 Fancy (Ft. T.I. & Swizz Beatz).mp38.5 MB
iconThank Me Later/08 Shut It Down (Ft. The-Dream).mp311.5 MB
iconThank Me Later/09 Unforgettable (Ft. Young Jeezy).mp35.9 MB
iconThank Me Later/10 Light Up (Ft. Jay-Z).mp37.3 MB
iconThank Me Later/11 Miss Me (Ft. Lil Wayne).mp38.7 MB
iconThank Me Later/12 Cece's Interlude.mp34.5 MB
iconThank Me Later/13 Find Your Love.mp36.2 MB
iconThank Me Later/14 Thank Me Now.mp38.9 MB