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Dallas Buyers Club Wants Cash From European Pirates

The company behind the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club is spreading its anti-piracy tentacles. After testing out the United States, Voltage Pictures is sending out cash demands in Europe. The company's lawfirm says that letter recipients "are happy to be made aware" they're acting illegally and are handing over the cash.
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Drake Discography 2006-2013

Torrent Details

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Drake Discography 2006-2013
Size815 MB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 10/02/13 at 05:13:31 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status104 seeds & 22 peers
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iconComeback Season 2/02 Congratulations.mp37.8 MB
iconComeback Season 2/03 Overdose On Life Ft. Travis & Mic.mp36.6 MB
iconComeback Season 2/06 Scriptures.mp35.1 MB
iconComeback Season 2/07 Beautiful Music.mp34.4 MB
iconComeback Season 2/09 Bedrock Pt. 2 Ft. Lloyd & Lil Wayne.mp39.6 MB
iconComeback Season 2/13 Pass The Dutch Ft. Lil Wayne & Sh.mp36.3 MB
iconComeback Season 2/18 Forever Remix Ft. Lil Wayne Kanye.mp37.6 MB
iconComeback Season 2/25 Believe Or Not Ft. Gucci Mane.mp35.7 MB
iconComeback Season 2/28 It's Been A Pleasure Ft. Jaye.mp34.9 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Barry Bonds Freestyle.mp34.7 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Closer (feat. Andreena Mill).mp37.2 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Don't U Have A Man (feat. Dwele and Little Brother).mp35.5 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Give Ya (feat. Trey Songz).mp34.7 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Man Of The Year (feat. Lil' Wayne).mp37 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Missin' You (Remix) (feat. Trey Songz).mp37.3 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Must Hate Money (feat. Rich Boy).mp35.6 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Replacement Girl (feat. Trey Songz).mp35.1 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Teach U A Lesson (feat. Robin Thicke).mp37.1 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - The Last Hope (feat. Kardinal Offishall and Andreena Mill).mp34.4 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - The Presentation.mp34.9 MB
iconComeback Season/Drake - Think Good Thoughts (feat. Little Brother).mp36.2 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/01 Tuscan Leather.mp38.6 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/02 Furthest Thing.mp36.3 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/04 Wu-Tang Forever.mp35.2 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/05 Own It.mp36 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/06 Worst Behaviour.mp36.4 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/07 From Time.mp37.6 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/08 Hold On, We're Going Home.mp35.4 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/09 Connect.mp37 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/10 The Language.mp35.3 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/11 305 To My City.mp36.1 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/12 Too Much.mp36.2 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/13 Pound Cake_Paris Morton Music 2.mp310.1 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/14 Come Thru.mp35.6 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/15 All Me.mp36.4 MB
iconNothing Was The Same/16 The Motion.mp39.6 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/03 - Special Featuring Voyce.mp36.7 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/04 - Do What You Do.mp35.2 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/06 - A.M. 2 P.M. Featuring Nickelus F..mp34.8 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/07 - City Is Mine.mp35.3 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/12 - Video Girl Featuring Sean G..mp35.2 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/14 - Come Winter.mp37.5 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/16 - About The Game (Remix) Featuring Trey Songz.mp35.8 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/17 - All This Love Featuring Voyce.mp34.6 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/19 - A Scorpio's Mind Nickelus F..mp35.3 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/20 - S.T.R.E.S.S.mp35.1 MB
iconRoom For Improvement/22 - Kick, Push (Remix) Featuring Lupe Fiasco.mp36.5 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/01 Houstatlantavegas (Prod. By Noah.mp311.1 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/02 Successful (Prod. By Noah 40 She.mp314.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/03 Best I Ever Had (Prod. By Boi-1d.mp39.9 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/04 Uptown (Prod. By Boi-1da And Arth.mp314.6 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/05 I'm Goin' In (Prod. By Needlz).mp38.7 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/06 The Calm (Prod. By Noah 40 Shebib.mp39.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (EP)/07 Fear (Prod. By DJ Khalil).mp310.7 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-02 Houstatlantavegas.mp36.7 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-03 Successful (feat. Trey Songz &.mp38.6 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-04 Lets Call It Off (feat. Peter.mp35.4 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-06 Ignant Shit (feat. Lil' Wayne).mp37 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-07 A Night Off (feat. Lloyd).mp34.5 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-08 Say Whats Real.mp35.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-09 Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li).mp35.3 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-10 Best I Ever Had.mp35.9 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-11 Unstoppable (feat. Santo Gold.mp34.8 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-12 Uptown (feat. Bun B & Lil' Way.mp38.8 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-13 Sooner Than Later.mp36 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-15 The Calm.mp35.6 MB
iconSo Far Gone (Mixtape)/1-16 Brand New.mp35 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/01 - Over My Dead Body.mp37.5 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/02 - Shot For Me.mp35.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/03 - Headlines.mp35.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/04 - Crew Love (Ft. The Weekend).mp35.6 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/05 - Take Care (Ft. Rihanna).mp37.2 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/06 - Marvins Room-Buried Alive.mp313 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/07 - Under Gound Kings.mp35.8 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/08 - Well Be Fine (Ft. Birdman).mp36.8 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/09 - Make Me Proud (Ft. Nicki Minaj).mp36.3 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/10 - Lord Knows (Ft. Rick Ross).mp39.3 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/11 - Cameras-Good Ones Go.mp311.6 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/12 - Doing It Wrong.mp36.2 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/13 - The Real Her (Ft. Lil Wayne And Andre 3000).mp38.3 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/14 - Look What You've Done.mp36.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/15 - HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right) (Ft. Lil Wayne).mp36 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/16 - Practice.mp35.9 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/17 - The Ride.mp38.8 MB
iconTake Care (Deluxe Edition)/19 - Hate Sleeping Alone.mp38.1 MB
iconThank Me Later/01 Fireworks (Ft. Alicia Keys).mp38.4 MB
iconThank Me Later/02 Karaoke.mp35.6 MB
iconThank Me Later/03 The Resistance.mp35.9 MB
iconThank Me Later/04 Over.mp37.8 MB
iconThank Me Later/05 Show Me A Good Time.mp35.8 MB
iconThank Me Later/06 Up All Night (Ft. Nicki Minaj).mp36.8 MB
iconThank Me Later/07 Fancy (Ft. T.I. & Swizz Beatz).mp38.5 MB
iconThank Me Later/08 Shut It Down (Ft. The-Dream).mp311.5 MB
iconThank Me Later/09 Unforgettable (Ft. Young Jeezy).mp35.9 MB
iconThank Me Later/10 Light Up (Ft. Jay-Z).mp37.3 MB
iconThank Me Later/11 Miss Me (Ft. Lil Wayne).mp38.7 MB
iconThank Me Later/12 Cece's Interlude.mp34.5 MB
iconThank Me Later/13 Find Your Love.mp36.2 MB
iconThank Me Later/14 Thank Me Now.mp38.9 MB