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Canadian Government Spies on Millions of File-Sharers

New revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that Canada's main electronic surveillance agency spied on millions of file-sharing downloads from some of the world's most popular sites. More than 100 sites including Dotcom's Megaupload were routinely monitored in a search for extremists.
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Blitzkrieg Mission Kursk

Torrent Details

Photo Not Available
Blitzkrieg Mission Kursk
Size675 MB in 50 files
ReleasesAdded on 01/21/11 at 05:25:51 into the Games category by Unknown.
Status1 seeds & 0 peers
Facebook No more facebook for now.
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconInstall.txt96 B
iconplex-b.m.k.r0014.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0114.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0214.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0314.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0414.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0514.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0614.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0714.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0814.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r0914.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1014.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1114.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1214.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1314.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1414.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1514.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1614.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1714.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1814.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r1914.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2014.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2114.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2214.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2314.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2414.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2514.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2614.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2714.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2814.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r2914.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3014.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3114.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3214.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3314.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3414.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3514.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3614.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3714.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3814.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r3914.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r4014.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r4114.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r4214.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r4314.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r4414.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r4514.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.r462.4 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.rar14.3 MB
iconplex-b.m.k.sfv1.2 KB