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Dotcom: Encrypted MegaChat is “Coming Soon”

As 2014 draws to an end, encryption and privacy remain high on the agendas of many netizens. Cloud hosting service Mega has been building its reputation in this niche and is now preparing to deliver a new privacy tool. According to Kim Dotcom the company he founded will soon wave "bye bye" to Skype with the debut of MegaChat.
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Photo Not Available
Size365.2 GB in 55 files
ReleasesAdded on 01/26/11 at 19:34:49 into the Music category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 2 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconDeep_Space_Nine_S1D1.iso7.5 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S1D2.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S1D3.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S1D4.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S1D5.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S1D6.iso4.4 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S2D1.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S2D2.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S2D3.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S2D4.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S2D5.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S2D6.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S2D7.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S3D1.iso7.4 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S3D2.iso7.4 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S3D3.iso7.4 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S3D4.iso7.4 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S3D5.iso7.4 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S3D6.iso7.4 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S3D7.iso7.3 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S4D1.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S4D2.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S4D3.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S4D4.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S4D5.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S4D6.iso7.9 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S4D7.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S5D1.iso7.5 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S5D2.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S5D3.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S5D4.iso7.7 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S5D5.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S5D6.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S5D7.iso7.3 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S6D1.iso7.7 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S6D2.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S6D3.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S6D4.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S6D5.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S6D6.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S6D7.iso7.8 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S7D1.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S7D2.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S7D3.iso7.5 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S7D4.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S7D5.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S7D6.iso7.6 GB
iconDeep_Space_Nine_S7D7.iso7.3 GB
iconVirtual_Space_Station_part1.iso43.1 MB
iconVirtual_Space_Station_part2.iso45.5 MB
iconVirtual_Space_Station_part3.iso54 MB
iconVirtual_Space_Station_part4.iso78 MB
iconmd5-sums2.8 KB
iconsha256-sums4.3 KB
iconsha512-sums7.3 KB