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Spotify Starts Shutting Down Its Massive P2P Network

For more than half a decade Spotify has relied on P2P technology to quickly deliver songs to its millions of subscribers. This will be over soon. The music streaming service has started to phase out P2P technology to rely fully on central servers instead.
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BitTorrent is a P2P network which allows users to share large files such as movies and games with each other.

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Size476 MB in 56 files
ReleasesAdded on 01/29/11 at 22:53:27 into the Software category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
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iconRCT3/ATI_Drivers/README.TXT933 B
iconRCT3/ATI_Drivers/Win2K_XP/wxp-catalyst-control-center-17633c.exe19.9 MB
iconRCT3/ATI_Drivers/Win2K_XP/wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633c.exe26 MB
iconRCT3/ATI_Drivers/Win98_Me/wme-7-99-98-1-040712a-016504e.exe19 MB
iconRCT3/Autorun.exe176 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun.inf42 B
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BACKGROUND_ENU.bmp900.1 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_ACROBAT_ENU.bmp145.7 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_EXIT_ENU.bmp31.2 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_INSTALL_ENU.bmp109.4 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_INSTGUIDE_ENU.bmp109.4 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_MANUAL_ENU.bmp109.4 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_PHOTOSTORY3_ENU.bmp145.7 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_PLAY_ENU.bmp109.4 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_README_ENU.bmp109.4 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_UNINSTALL_ENU.bmp109.4 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_UPDATES_ENU.bmp145.7 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/BTN_WEBPAGE_ENU.bmp109.4 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/Click.wav4.8 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/Hover.WAV4.9 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/Art/Text.bmp97.5 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/DEFAULT.INI1.7 KB
iconRCT3/Autorun/ENGLISH.STR658 B
iconRCT3/Autorun/LANGUAGE.INI4.4 KB
iconRCT3/Crack/RCT3.exe10.5 MB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/BDA.cab679.7 KB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/BDAXP.cab945.5 KB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/DirectX.cab14.7 MB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/ManagedDX.CAB1.1 MB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/dsetup32.dll1.9 MB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/dxnt.cab12.6 MB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/dxsetup.exe456.5 KB
iconRCT3/DIRECTX/mdxredist.msi1.1 MB
iconRCT3/InstallGuide.rtf111.3 KB
iconRCT3/MANUAL/ar505enu.exe8.6 MB
iconRCT3/PhotoStory3/PStory.msi5 MB
iconRCT3/RCT3.DAT10.5 MB
iconRCT3/RCT3.exe10.5 MB
iconRCT3/RCT3.ico7.2 KB
iconRCT3/ReadMe.txt49.2 KB
iconRCT3/data1.cab11.2 MB
iconRCT3/data1.hdr992.9 KB
iconRCT3/data2.cab314 MB
iconRCT3/engine32.cab408.5 KB
iconRCT3/layout.bin474 B
iconRCT3/setup.bmp549.4 KB
iconRCT3/setup.boot334.2 KB
iconRCT3/setup.exe105 KB
iconRCT3/setup.ini391 B
iconRCT3/setup.inx194.3 KB
iconREADME.txt1.4 KB
iconpic/2003191717543722808_rs.jpg69.2 KB
iconpic/RollerCoasterTycoon3_1.jpg70.8 KB