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Microsoft: We’ve Always Had Freemium, It’s Called Piracy

New comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that luring people in with zero-cost products is of great interest to the company. However, while services such as OneDrive are free with premium options by design, Nadella says Microsoft has long had a freemium business model, but one that was forced upon it by pirates.
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Gta San ANdreas Full Pc

Torrent Details

Photo Not Available
Gta San ANdreas Full Pc
Size4.7 GB in 99 files
ReleasesAdded on 01/30/11 at 03:33:30 into the Software category by Unknown.
Status0 seeds & 0 peers
StatusThis torrent has NOT verified!This torrent has NOT been verified.
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iconGTA San Andreas/Cheats.doc6.8 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/anim/anim.img10.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/anim/cuts.img257.6 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/anim/ped.ifp1.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/CONFIG/AudioEventHistory.txt111.4 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/CONFIG/BankLkup.dat8.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/CONFIG/BankSlot.dat211.8 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/CONFIG/EventVol.dat44.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/CONFIG/PakFiles.dat468 B
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/CONFIG/StrmPaks.dat272 B
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/CONFIG/TrakLkup.dat22.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/FEET345.7 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/GENRL24 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/PAIN_A6.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/SCRIPT304.9 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/SPC_EA119.3 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/SPC_FA101.8 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/SPC_GA1 GB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/SPC_NA408.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/SFX/SPC_PA167.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/AA4.8 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/ADVERTS52.7 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/AMBIENCE44.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/BEATS29 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/CH60.2 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/CO68.7 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/CR86.3 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/CUTSCENE127.3 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/DS91.6 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/HC78.9 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/MH84.1 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/MR78.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/NJ65.5 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/RE80.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/RG88.4 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/audio/streams/TK91.7 MB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/AudioEvents.txt162.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/Cop.ped4.8 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/Fireman.ped4.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/GangMbr.ped6 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/Indoors.ped2.7 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/MISSION.grp2.7 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/RANDOM.grp4.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/RANDOM.ped4 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/RANDOM2.grp4.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/R_Norm.ped6.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/R_Tough.ped6.2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/R_Weak.ped6.1 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/m_empty.ped982 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/m_norm.ped4 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/m_plyr.ped2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/m_steal.ped3.6 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/m_tough.ped3.9 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Allowed/m_weak.ped4 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/BLANK.ped621 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/ChrisM/CMblnk.ped397 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/ChrisM/m_std_cm.ped1 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Cop.ped2.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Craig/crack1.ped796 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/FLAT.ped399 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/GROVE.ped393 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/GangMbr.ped3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Imran/sci1_is.ped672 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Imran/std1_is.ped383 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Imran/std2_is.ped633 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/Indoors.ped1.9 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/MISSION.grp530 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/MISSION.ped891 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/PedEvent.txt1.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/andyd/ADgrp.grp2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/andyd/ADtemp.ped3.6 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/chris/maf5.ped1.1 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/chris/ryder3.ped1.1 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/david/dam_sec.ped677 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/david/hei2_sc.ped403 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/m_empty.ped654 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/m_infrm.ped1.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/m_norm.ped2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/m_std.ped1.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/m_tough.ped2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Decision/m_weak.ped2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Icons/app.ico2.2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Icons/bin.ico766 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/Icons/saicon.ICN64.3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/animgrp.dat3 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/animviewer.dat1.8 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/ar_stats.dat3.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/carcols.dat15 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/cargrp.dat3.9 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/carmods.dat8.9 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/clothes.dat5.2 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/default.dat577 B
iconGTA San Andreas/data/default.ide4.6 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/fonts.dat3.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/furnitur.dat16.1 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/gridref.dat1.5 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/gta.dat3.7 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/gta_quick.dat1.1 KB
iconGTA San Andreas/data/handling.cfg63 KB