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 Daisy Meadows - Anna the Moonbeam Fairy77 MBYesterday00
 Daisy Meadows - Ally the Dolphin Fairy71 MBYesterday51
 Zane Grey - Cabin Gulch353 MBYesterday74
 C G Cooper - Moral Imperative2 MBYesterday61
 C G Cooper - Disavowed1 MBYesterday51
 Tess Gerritsen - Life Support21 MBYesterday152
 Tess Gerritsen - Harvest19 MBYesterday00
 Barbara Lambert - The Whirling Girl16 MBYesterday120
 Barbara Abercrombie - Cherished802 kB03/22/201572
 Anna Belfrage - The Prodigal Son813 kB03/22/201550
 Anna Belfrage - Like Chaff In The Wind1 MB03/22/201540
 Anna Belfrage - A Newfound Land818 kB03/22/201500
 Amy Timberlake - That Girl Lucy Moon399 kB03/22/201500
 Christine Feehan - Viper Game892 kB03/21/201551
 Amy Rose Capetta - Unmade3 MB03/21/201530
 Amanda Hocking - Frostfire2 MB03/21/201570
 B N Toler - Savage1 MB03/21/201530
 B N Toler - Healer725 kB03/21/201571
 Gillian Flynn - Dark Places2 MB03/21/201560
 Christina Skye - Nanny656 kB03/21/201561
 Amber Lynn Natusch - Strayed885 kB03/21/201560
 Jonathan Kellerman - Motive1 MB03/21/201500
 Neil Gaiman - Trigger Warning746 kB03/21/2015160
 Paula Hawkins - The Girl On The Train1 MB03/21/2015101
 Alex Berenson - Twelve Days689 kB03/21/201500
 John Grisham - Gray Mountain980 kB03/21/2015120
 Barbara Cleverly - Enter Pale Death3 MB03/20/201540
 Barbara Cleverly - A Spider In The Cup599 kB03/20/201530
 Amy Myers - Classic Cashes In2 MB03/20/201500
 Christina James - In The Family2 MB03/20/201520
 Forever England - The Life of Rupert Brooke (Kindle Edition) epub3 MB03/20/201590
 Amy Mason - The Other Ida3 MB03/20/201540
 Amy Bloom - Normal277 kB03/20/201530
 Ami Polonsky - Gracefully Grayson418 kB03/20/201520
 Alvinna Edwards Nwoko - The Lying Mirror675 kB03/20/201520
 Amanda Palmer - The Art of Asking9 MB03/20/201541
 Amy Shearn - The Mermaid Of Brooklyn3 MB03/20/201560
 Owen Baillie - Invasion Of The Dead607 kB03/19/201510
 Layton J James - Darkest Days477 kB03/19/201500
 Mike Allen - Unseaming1 MB03/19/201500
 Braden Bell - The Kindling (Middle School Magic #1) (pdf)5 MB03/19/201500
 Robert Chazz Chute - This Plague Of Days (Omnibus)1 MB03/19/201500
 Jay Allan - The Fall597 kB03/19/201510
 Alison Jean Lester - Lillian On Life1 MB03/17/201521
 Ben Holtzman - Sick2 MB03/17/201511
 Christopher Scotton - The Secret Wisdom Of The Earth1 MB03/17/201531
 Allison Gutknecht - Never Wear Red Lipstick on Picture3 MB03/17/201502
 Lawrence W Cheek - The Year Of The Boat723 kB03/17/201501
 Allison Brennan - Stalked1001 kB03/17/201540
 Allison Van Diepen - Takedown4 MB03/17/201500
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