[Pop, Rock] Bonnie Tyler - Remixes and Rarities 2017 (Jamal The Moroccan)

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  • [Pop, Rock] Bonnie Tyler - Remixes and Rarities 2017 (Jamal The Moroccan)
  • icon CD1/Front.jpg 92.3 KB
    icon Front.jpg 92.3 KB
    icon CD2/Front.jpg 92.3 KB
    icon CD2/11 - Save Up All Your Tears (London Mix).mp3 9.5 MB
    icon CD1/15 - Hide Your Heart (A-Side Edit).mp3 9.3 MB
    icon CD1/04 - It's a Jungle Out There (Special Jim Steinman Remix).mp3 9.3 MB
    icon CD1/10 - Rebel Without a Clue (Excerpt from...).mp3 9.2 MB
    icon CD2/07 - (The World Is Full Of) Married Men.mp3 8.7 MB
    icon CD2/13 - No Way to Treat a Lady.mp3 8.6 MB
    icon CD2/14 - Notes from America (A-Side Edit).mp3 8.5 MB
    icon CD1/03 - Where Were You (Radio Mix).mp3 8.5 MB
    icon CD1/02 - First Love.mp3 7.9 MB
    icon CD1/12 - Say Goodbye (Classical Version).mp3 7.9 MB
    icon CD1/14 - Sola a la Orillo del Mar (Sitting On the Edge of the Ocean) (Spanish Version).mp3 7.4 MB
    icon CD1/16 - God Gave Love to You (Radio Version).mp3 7.3 MB
    icon __For Any Suggestion Or Comments - [email protected] .txt 69 B
    icon Torrent downloaded from www.DNoid.me - Demonoid.txt 56 B
    icon __Facebook _ Jamal TheMoroccan _.txt 208 B
    icon CD1/06 - Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do It) (12'' Version).mp3 18 MB
    icon CD1/11 - Band of Gold (Long Version).mp3 17.2 MB
    icon CD2/08 - Band of Gold (Dub Version).mp3 16.1 MB
    icon CD1/01 - Holding Out for a Hero (Special Extended Remix).mp3 14.7 MB
    icon CD2/09 - Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do It) (Radio Edit).mp3 13.5 MB
    icon CD2/01 - The Desert Is in Your Heart.mp3 13.4 MB
    icon CD1/08 - Bitterblue (True Blue Mix).mp3 13.4 MB
    icon CD2/15 - Fools Lullaby (Sweet Lullaby Mix).mp3 12.9 MB
    icon CD2/02 - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Extended Version).mp3 12.9 MB
    icon CD1/05 - Breakout (Long Version).mp3 12.6 MB
    icon CD2/10 - Race to the Fire (Race Mix).mp3 12.6 MB
    icon CD2/16 - Holding Out for a Hero (Instrumental).mp3 12.3 MB
    icon CD1/09 - I Do It for You.mp3 11.8 MB
    icon CD2/05 - Against the Wind (Extended Version).mp3 11.8 MB
    icon CD2/12 - Stay (Long Version).mp3 11.3 MB
    icon CD2/06 - If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) (Extended Version).mp3 11 MB
    icon CD2/04 - Take Me Back (Edit).mp3 10.9 MB
    icon CD2/03 - Matter of the Heart.mp3 10.5 MB
    icon CD1/07 - Sem Limites Pra Sonhar (Reaching for the Infinite Heart).mp3 10.1 MB
    icon CD1/13 - From the Bottom of My Lonely Heart (Long Version).mp3 10.1 MB
    icon CD1/17 - Sayonara Tokyo.mp3 10 MB

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