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Megadeth - Rude Awakening
Size283 MB in 25 files
ReleasesAdded on 03/20/2011 at 4:13am into the Music category by Unknown.
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Files inside this torrent

icon 162469.jpg19.9 KB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde.mp311.1 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Angry Again.mp37.8 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Burning Bridges.mp311.4 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Devil's Island.mp311.8 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Dread And The Fugitive Mind.mp39.7 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Hangar 18.mp311 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Hook In Mouth.mp310.8 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour.mp312.6 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Kill The King.mp38.9 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Reckoning Day.mp310.2 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Return To Hangar.mp39 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - She Wolf.mp319.1 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Train of Consequence.mp310.4 MB
icon Disc 1/Megadeth - Wake Up Dead.mp37.9 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - 1000 Times Goodbye.mp314.4 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Almost Honest.mp39.1 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Ashes In Your Mouth.mp314 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Holy Wars.mp320.4 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Mechanix.mp310.6 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Peace Sells.mp312.4 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Sweting Bullets.mp310.7 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction.mp311.2 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Tornado of Souls.mp313.3 MB
icon Disc 2/Megadeth - Trust.mp315.5 MB