VA - ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol 11 (2 CD) (2017) [Lossless]

VA - ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol  11 (2 CD) (2017) [Lossless]
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  • VA - ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol 11 (2 CD) (2017) [Lossless]
  • icon CD2/front.jpg 74.6 KB
    icon CD1/front.jpg 74.6 KB
    icon CD1/05. Mode One - Queen Of My Heart.flac 60.5 MB
    icon CD1/09. Rakel Project - Estas En Mi Corazon.flac 58 MB
    icon CD2/10. Vanello & Steven Kimber - Digital Love (ZYX Extended Version).flac 56.8 MB
    icon CD2/03. Night In Wales - Sunday Night (Extended Mix).flac 56.5 MB
    icon CD1/04. R.B. Project feat. Brian Ice - I Am What I Am (Vocal Version).flac 55.2 MB
    icon CD2/08. Tom Hooker - My Russian Lady Night.flac 52.4 MB
    icon CD2/02. Ryan Paris & Mauro - Buonasera Dolce Vita (Extended Mix).flac 52.3 MB
    icon CD1/01. Victor Ark feat. Matt Doll - Dark Affair.flac 52 MB
    icon CD1/11. Objet De Plaisir - Yo Te Quiero (Extended Mix).flac 49.9 MB
    icon CD1/12. Ken Laszlo - Tonight 2017.flac 49.7 MB
    icon CD1/06. Digitalo - Time To Love (ZYX Long Version).flac 45.3 MB
    icon CD1/07. D. White - If You Could Stay (ZYX Version).flac 45 MB
    icon CD2/11. Steve Burbon Project feat. Tom Garrow - Sweet Summer Love (Extended Version).flac 44.8 MB
    icon CD1/02. Stylove feat. Naoky - Now Close Your Eyes.flac 43.5 MB
    icon CD2/01. Italove feat. Fred Ventura - Never Surrender (Flashback Remix).flac 43 MB
    icon CD2/05. Tony Costa feat. Charly Danone - Go!.flac 41.6 MB
    icon CD2/09. Cyber Space feat. Linda Jo Rizzo - More More More (Italo Space Version).flac 41 MB
    icon CD2/04. Tobias Bernstrup - Utopia (Italoconnection remix).flac 39.6 MB
    icon CD2/06. Carino Cat - Speed Undercover.flac 38.1 MB
    icon CD1/08. Johan Agebjoern feat. Tom Hooker - Have You Ever Been In Love (Extended Mix).flac 37.6 MB
    icon CD2/07. Joey Mauro And Clock On 5 - Mozart In Love.flac 35.9 MB
    icon CD2/12. Laserdance - Power Invasion.flac 35.8 MB
    icon CD1/10. Retronic Voice - Sea Of Life.flac 35.1 MB
    icon CD1/03. Don Leone - In The Middle Of Love.flac 34.8 MB

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