[FreeCoursesOnline.Me] SkillShare - Adobe Audition A Complete Beginners Guide and Learn how to Create your Awesome Podcast

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  • [FreeCoursesOnline.Me] SkillShare - Adobe Audition A Complete Beginners Guide and Learn how to Create your Awesome Podcast
  • icon 16-mastering_and_adding_dynamics_final.mkv 98.7 MB
    icon 05-waveform_vs_multi_track_final.mkv 97.1 MB
    icon 14-noise_reduction_part_2_final.mkv 84.9 MB
    icon 17-polishing_your_audio_by_using_compressors_final.mkv 84 MB
    icon 19-working_with_premiere_pro_and_audition_at_the_same_time_final.mkv 79.5 MB
    icon 09-time_streching_final.mkv 77.1 MB
    icon 12-removing_vocal_from_your_music_final.mkv 71.2 MB
    icon 21-how_to_start_my_podcast_final.mkv 58.3 MB
    icon 07-how_to_loop_mute_and_solo_tracks_final.mkv 57.5 MB
    icon 02-adobe_audition_homescreen_final.mkv 54.9 MB
    icon 20-how_to_export_file_in_audition_final.mkv 48.4 MB
    icon 06-starting_the_project_in__audition_final.mkv 38.7 MB
    icon 0. Websites you may like/0. (1Hack.Us) Premium Tutorials-Guides-Articles _ Community based Forum.url 377 B
    icon 04-configuring_input_and_output_devices_final.mkv 35.3 MB
    icon 03-project_session_final.mkv 30.3 MB
    icon 0. Websites you may like/1. (FreeCoursesOnline.Me) Download Udacity, Masterclass, Lynda, PHLearn, Pluralsight Free.url 286 B
    icon 22-conclusion_of_adobe_audition.mkv 24.8 MB
    icon 0. Websites you may like/3. (FTUApps.com) Download Cracked Developers Applications For Free.url 239 B
    icon 01-adobe_audition_intro_final.mkv 22.1 MB
    icon 0. Websites you may like/How you can help our Group!.txt 208 B
    icon 15-adding_equilizer_to_your_audio_final.mkv 187.3 MB
    icon 13-noise_reduction_part_1_final.mkv 162 MB
    icon 11-voume_working_and_fading_in_and_out_final.mkv 139.6 MB
    icon 08-trimming_and_deleting_final.mkv 131.4 MB
    icon 10-normalisation_and_amplification_final.mkv 111.6 MB
    icon 18-understanding_the_rack_effects_and_create_your_own_preset_final.mkv 102.2 MB

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