[F-D] Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 & 2 Complete [480P][Dual-Audio]2.1 GB1858 days234
 [F-R] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Japanese, English Sub)75.5 GB383 days2012
 [F-D] Attack on Titan Season 1 Complete [480P][Dual-Audio]2 GB1859 days205
 [F-R] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX (English Sub)40 GB376 days143
 [F-R] Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Japanese, English Sub)126.6 GB344 days84
 [F-R] Captain Tsubasa (2018) BDRip 1080p English Dub+Sub39.2 GB24 days73
 [F-R] Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL 001-029 (English Sub)18.8 GB79 days40
 [F-D] Fairy Tail Season 1 -6 + Extras [480P][Dual-Audio]15.3 GB1827 days44
 [F-R] Cinderella Monogatari RAW (HD Remaster) [1152x720]19.9 GB331 days30
 [F-D] Great Teacher Onizuka [480P][Dual-Audio]3.5 GB1296 days30
 [F-R] Sonic X 01-13 English Sub 4.2 GB1374 days30
 [F-D] My Hero Academia Season 1 [480P][Dual-Audio]1.1 GB1766 days34
 [F-D] Grimgar Ashes and Illusions [480P][Dual-Audio]1.2 GB1817 days30
 [F-D] Haikyuu!! Season 1 & 2[480P][Subbed]3.3 GB1859 days35
 F(エフ)OST (1988)61 MB906 days20
 [F-D] Kantai Collection KanColle [480P][Dual-Audio]1.3 GB1829 days20
 [F-D] Space Dandy Season 1 & 2 [480P][Dual-Audio]1.9 GB1837 days20
 [F-D] Castle Town Dandelion [480P][Dual-Audio]1.1 GB1858 days20
 [F-D] Soul Eater Complete + Extras & OVA's[480P][Dual-Audio]5.3 GB1859 days22
 [F-R] Cinderella Monogatari RAW (HD Remaster) [1152x720]19.8 GB335 days10
 [F-R] Cinderella Monogatari (RAW)10.7 GB345 days10
 F is for Family - Season 4 7.5 GB702 days10
 [F&Fs - SSK] Air Gear OVA1 GB799 days10
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY 29-46 (RAW)10 GB883 days10
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY 01-28 (RAW)14.6 GB892 days10
 F is for Family S02 720p SunshineStudio 2.7 GB1162 days10
 F is For Family Season 2 (WEBRip l 400p l Jaskier) 3.1 GB1197 days10
 F is For Family Season 2 (WEBRip l 1080p l Jaskier) 7.3 GB1204 days10
 [F-D]Kino no Tabi - The Beautiful World [480P][Dual-Audio]995 MB1296 days10
 【F宅】天真无邪的乐园 OAD 简 576P MP4 167 MB1575 days10
 【F宅字幕组&轻国袋鼠&DHR字幕组】黑色残骸 01-26 简 720P MP4 合集 5.2 GB1575 days10
 F-J17.5 GB1766 days10
 [F Taku (Anma)] Makura Kan 1 [Digital]6 MB1766 days10
 [F-D] Tonari no Seki Kun [480P][Dual-Audio]568 MB1809 days10
 [F-D] Kuroko's Basketball [480P][Subbed]1.7 GB1843 days10
 [F-D] Unbreakable Machine Doll [480P][Dual-Audio]939 MB1845 days10
 [F-D] My HiME [480P][Dual-Audio]2.3 GB1854 days11
 [F-D] Ergo Proxy [480P][Dual-Audio]2 GB1858 days10
 [F-D] Only Yesterday (1991) [480P][Dual-Audio]443 MB1858 days10
 [F-D] Armed Librarians The Book of Bantorra Season 1 [480P][Dual-Audio]2.3 GB1858 days10
 [F-D] Akira 1988 v2 [480P][Dual-Audio]506 MB1859 days12
 [F-R] Cinderella Monogatari RAW (HD Remaster) [1152x720]19.9 GB335 days01
 F is for Family 2018 S03 720p 3.6 GB718 days00
 F is For Family Season 4 (WEB-DL l 720p l Jaskier) 3.3 GB745 days01
 F is For Family Season 4 (WEB-DLRip l 400p l Jaskier) 3.3 GB745 days01
 F is For Family Season 4 (WEB-DL l 1080p l Jaskier) 7 GB745 days03
 F168 MB807 days00
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY&Z 01-25 (RAW)14.6 GB828 days01
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY 68-93 (RAW)14.6 GB839 days01
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY + XY&Z Full Series (RAW)82.4 GB840 days01
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY&Z 26-49 (RAW)14.3 GB841 days02
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY + XY&Z Full Series (RAW)82.4 GB844 days06
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY Special - Mega Evolution2.6 GB864 days01
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY 68-93 (RAW)14 GB865 days00
 [F-R] Pocket Monsters XY 47-67 (RAW)11.6 GB873 days01
 F is for Family - Season 3 7.7 GB1120 days02
 F is For Family 1 season (WEBRip l 720p l Jaskier) 1.4 GB1162 days01
 F Is For Family S03 1080p TVShows 7.7 GB1166 days01
 F is for Family S03 SD WEBRip LakeFilms 2.4 GB1171 days01
 F is For Family Season 3 (WEB-DL l 1080p l Jaskier) 7.3 GB1177 days01
 F is for Family S03 400p ColdFilm 2.2 GB1197 days01
 F is for Family S03 720p ColdFilm 4.1 GB1204 days01
 F is For Family Season 3 (WEB-DLRip l 400p l Jaskier) 3.2 GB1294 days02
 [F-D]Sword Art Online [480P][Dual-Audio]1.3 GB1297 days01
 [F-D] Gangsta [480P][Dual-Audio]762 MB1297 days01
 [F-D]Mahou Sensou [480P][Dual-Audio]652 MB1297 days01
 F is for Family S03E01 WEB x264-STRiFE[rarbg] 157 MB1303 days01
 [F+F]Bleach_-_Diamond_Dust_Rebellion_Trailer1[08C785C9][h264+AAC]4 MB1346 days01
 [F-B_L-E]_Yawara_-_Ep_42_[599A6D25]141 MB1346 days00
 [F-D] Blue Exorcist [480P][Dual-Audio]2.4 GB1766 days01
 [F-D] Seiken no World Break [480P][Dual-Audio]1.1 GB1824 days01
 [F-D] Chobits [480P][Dual-Audio]1.9 GB1836 days02
 [F-D] Deathnote [480P][Dual-Audio]2.8 GB1837 days01
 [F-D] Yu Yu Hakusho [480P][Dual-Audio]8.5 GB1838 days03
 [F-D] Your Lie In April [480P][Dual-Audio]1.9 GB1839 days01
 [F-D] Ben-To [480P][Dual-Audio]959 MB1844 days01
 [F-D] Accel World [480P][Dual-Audio]2.1 GB1844 days01
 [F-D] Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid [480P][Dual-Audio]1.2 GB1845 days01
 [F-D] Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU [480P][Dual-Audio]981 MB1846 days02
 [F-D] No Game No Life + Extras [480P][Dual-Audio]1.3 GB1852 days01
 [F-D] Interviews with Monster Girls [480P][Dual-Audio]1 GB1857 days02
 [F-D] Code Geass R1+R2 Complete [480P][Dual-Audio]4.5 GB1857 days01
 [F-D] Michiko and Hatchin [480P][Dual-Audio]1.8 GB1858 days01
 [F-D] Future Diary [480P][Dual-Audio]2.2 GB1858 days01
 [F-D] Black Lagoon [480P][Dual-Audio]2.6 GB1858 days01
 [F-D] Izetta, The Last Witch [480P][Dual-Audio]1 GB1859 days01
 [F-D] The Seven Deadly Sins [480P][Dual-Audio]2.3 GB1859 days01
 [F-D] Charlotte [480P][Dual-Audio]1.2 GB1859 days01
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