How we deal with your private data


Our Privacy Policy has always been quite simple: We don't log almost anything, nor do we send out any spam. We just want people to be able to use torrents without any fears.We do want to point out what data gets logged, in case you want to remain completely anonymous.
If you wish to view our old privacy policy that was in place from 20 October 2013 till 10 November 2016, please click here.

User Accounts
When creating an account, we collect personal information that you choose to provide voluntarily when using our website. This information includes your email address and date of birth.We also save the IP address used to create the account with. You can use our site without creating an account, but you will need to create an account if you want to take advantage ofcertain features, such as "Upload a Torrent" and "Make a Comment". If you choose to not have an account, YourBittorrent won't collect any personal information.
Where identification is required for purposes of user login, we use an encrypted string based on your username and password, which are then encoded using our own secret algorithm andstored on your PC in the form of a cookie. Such string is used solely by and cannot be decoded by anyone except by us. The cookie is used for the sole purpose oflogging you into our site automatically. From time to time we reset our encryption key, rendering all cookies useless.

We temporarily save all the search queries done through our site to be able to make statistics and present you with search clouds. This query log gets deleted 7 days after the search was performed.In some rare cases, if you trigger our anti-spam system, we also save your IP address along with your search.We manually check the IPs and searches that triggered the anti-spam system and afterwards we either block the spammer's IP or delete the log file.

The US federal law "COPPA" doesn't apply to our website. We however ask any child under 13 years of age to obtain parental consent to use this website.

Third-party Advertisements
We use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements on are two types of advertisements. The ones that load from our servers, and the ones that load directly from the servers of the advertisers.Advertisements that we serve ourselves, don't place any cookies on your browser, nor save any of your private data anywhere. For this reason, you might still see advertisements for a product, even while you have already bought it.When an advertisement loads directly from the advertiser's server, the advertiser can see your IP and browser data, but they can never access your personal or user data.In the course of serving advertisements, our third-party advertisers may place a unique cookie on your browser to keep track of advertisements you have seen already.Such cookie is encrypted and also contains no personal information.

This policy is in effect since 11 November 2017.