Dragon Ball Z Kai

Original Name: Dragon Ball Z Kai The Complete Series (2009–2015)

Dragon Ball Z Kai The Complete Series (2009–2015)
Dragon Ball Z Kai
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In February of 2009, Toei Animation announced that as an honor to 20 years of Dragon Ball Z, they will begin the production of a renewed DragonBall Z, named Dragon Ball Kai. This new anime chronicles the plot of DBZ and consists of parts from the original anime which are edited to a better quality and with new voices. Toei Animation also confirmed that the plot of DBK will be closer to manga style.
TV Show Genre:
Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
24 min.
Parental Rating:
[14+] TV-14 - Parents Strongly Cautioned
This program contains some material that parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in montiroing this program and are cautioned against letting children under the age of 14 watch unattended.
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  • Dragon Ball Z Kai The Complete Series (2009–2015)
  • icon Episode 119 Enter the Headliner! The Looming Demon King!.mkv 880.9 MB
    icon Episode 12 Farewell, Piccolo! Goku's Furious Counterattack!.mkv 959.4 MB
    icon Episode 120 A Heart of Evil Awakened; Vegeta, Prince of Destruction.mkv 881.7 MB
    icon Episode 121 I am the Strongest! The Clash of Goku vs. Vegeta.mkv 882.7 MB
    icon Episode 122 Countdown to Revival Crush Babidi’s Ambitions!.mkv 960.5 MB
    icon Episode 123 The Seal is Released! Gohan's Kamehame-Ha of Resistance.mkv 963 MB
    icon Episode 124 Straightaway Into Despair The Terror of Majin Buu.mkv 963 MB
    icon Episode 125 Turn Into Candy! A Hungry Majin's Bizarre Power!.mkv 963.3 MB
    icon Episode 126 I Will Deal With the Majin! Vegeta's Final Mortal Combat!.mkv 961.8 MB
    icon Episode 127 For His Beloved Ones... The End of the Proud Warrior!.mkv 964.1 MB
    icon Episode 128 A Nightmare Revisited The Immortal Monster Majin Buu!.mkv 964.4 MB
    icon Episode 132 A Time of Trials! Lay Hold of Legendary Powers!.mkv 862.2 MB
    icon Episode 133 Hold Majin Buu in Check! Limit - Super Saiyan 3!.mkv 864.4 MB
    icon Episode 134 True Worth Beginning to Show - The Treacherous Buu!.mkv 862.4 MB
    icon Episode 135 Silly Looking Drilling the Fusion Pose!.mkv 860.7 MB
    icon Episode 23 Vegeta's Covert Maneuvers! A Tragic Assault on the Namekians!.mkv 959.9 MB
    icon Episode 24 Friends Reborn! Zarbon's Hideous Transformation!.mkv 960 MB
    icon Episode 25 Power Up, Krillin! Frieza's Mounting Apprehension!.mkv 957.7 MB
    icon Episode 26 The Scheme Is Shattered! Vegeta Strikes Back at Zarbon!.mkv 960.2 MB
    icon Episode 27 A Touch-and-Go Situation! Gohan, Protect the Four-Star Ball!.mkv 958.2 MB
    icon Episode 28 The Countdown to Battle Begins! Enter, The Ginyu Force!.mkv 956.2 MB
    icon Episode 29 First Up for the Ginyu Force! Guldo’s Time Freeze!.mkv 956.4 MB
    icon Episode 3 A Life or Death Battle! Goku and Piccolo's Desperate Attack!.mkv 955.9 MB
    icon Episode 30 The Nightmare Recoome! Come Out and Play, Vegeta!.mkv 958 MB
    icon Episode 31 Goku Arrives At Last! Take Down the Ginyu Force!.mkv 957.1 MB
    icon Episode 32 The Star Player Appears! Ginyu vs. Goku!.mkv 958.2 MB
    icon Episode 33 Full Power, Goku! Captain Ginyu’s Desperate Attack!.mkv 958.9 MB
    icon Episode 34 Surprise! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku!.mkv 960 MB
    icon Episode 35 Goku’s Comeback! Call Forth Porunga!.mkv 957.9 MB
    icon Episode 36 Frieza Closes In! Mighty Porunga, Grant Our Wish!.mkv 959.4 MB
    icon Episode 37 A Nightmare Transformation! Frieza's Power Level-One Million!.mkv 960.1 MB
    icon Episode 38 Frieza Bares His Fangs! Gohan's Overwhelming Attack!.mkv 956.7 MB
    icon Episode 39 Piccolo Reborn! Frieza's Second Transformation.mkv 954.2 MB
    icon Episode 4 Run in the Afterlife, Goku! The One Million Mile Snake Way.mkv 957.8 MB
    icon Episode 40 Frieza's Final Transformation The Ultimate Nightmare Begins.mkv 956.9 MB
    icon Episode 41 The Moment of Truth Approaches! Goku Back in Action!.mkv 955.5 MB
    icon Episode 42 Defeat Frieza, Goku! The Tears of the Proud Saiyan Prince!.mkv 951.1 MB
    icon Episode 43 Goku vs. Frieza! The Super Showdown Begins!.mkv 956.6 MB
    icon Episode 44 A Boundary-Pushing Brawl! Goku, Frieza, and Ginyu Again.mkv 952.2 MB
    icon Episode 45 Kaio-Ken Times Twenty! An All-Or-Nothing Kamehame-Ha!.mkv 950.8 MB
    icon Episode 46 The Final Trump Card! Goku's Ultimate Spirit Bomb!.mkv 957.8 MB
    icon Episode 47 Awaken, Legendary Warrior! Goku the Super Saiyan!.mkv 951.7 MB
    icon Episode 48 The Angry Super Saiyan! Goku Throws Down the Gauntlet!.mkv 959.1 MB
    icon Episode 49 Avenge the Fallen, Goku! Countdown to the Planet's Destruction!.mkv 956.7 MB
    icon Episode 5 Wilderness Survival! A Moonlit Night Awakens Gohan.mkv 958.1 MB
    icon Episode 50 Full Power Frieza! Shenron, Grant Our Wish!.mkv 957.2 MB
    icon Episode 51 Goku's Furious Roar! A Last-Minute Resurrection Wish!.mkv 956.6 MB
    icon Episode 52 Duel on a Vanishing Planet! The Final Showdown!.mkv 957.8 MB
    icon Episode 53 Goku's Final Attack! Countdown to Planet Namek's Destruction!.mkv 953.1 MB
    icon Episode 54 Goku Vanishes Into Space! Welcome Home, Super Warriors!.mkv 950.4 MB
    icon Episode 55 There Is Planet Earth, Father! Frieza and King Cold Strike Back!.mkv 953.9 MB
    icon Episode 56 I Will Defeat Frieza! Another Super Saiyan!.mkv 954.6 MB
    icon Episode 57 Welcome Back, Goku! Confessions of the Mysterious Youth, Trunks!.mkv 953.9 MB
    icon Episode 58 Goku's New Move, Instant Transmission! The Three-Year Training Session Begins!.mkv 951.2 MB
    icon Episode 59 Undetectable Monsters! The Androids Appear!.mkv 956.6 MB
    icon Episode 6 The End of Snake Way! King Kai's Bizarre Test!.mkv 958.6 MB
    icon Episode 60 The Unbeatable Enemy Within! Goku vs. Android 19!.mkv 957.7 MB
    icon Episode 61 No Victory for Android 19! Enter Super Vegeta!.mkv 955.7 MB
    icon Episode 62 Piccolo's Assault! Android 20 and the Twisted Future!.mkv 957.4 MB
    icon Episode 63 The Hunt for Doctor Gero! Discover the Hidden Laboratory!.mkv 957.1 MB
    icon Episode 64 Number 17 and Number 18! The Androids Awaken!.mkv 956.5 MB
    icon Episode 65 A Sweet Face and Super Power! Android 18 vs Vegeta!.mkv 955.9 MB
    icon Episode 66 The Time for Reunification Has Come! Piccolo's Unshakeable Resolve!.mkv 955.6 MB
    icon Episode 67 Another Time Machine! Bulma Uncovers a Mystery!.mkv 956.5 MB
    icon Episode 68 The Monster Goes into Motion... Strike of the Super Namekian!.mkv 956.5 MB
    icon Episode 69 I Am Your Brother! The Monster With Goku's Energy!.mkv 958.3 MB
    icon Episode 7 The Battle with Ten-Times Gravity! Goku's Race Against the Clock!.mkv 957.9 MB
    icon Episode 70 The Dizzying Deception and the Daring Escape! Defeat the Android Cell!.mkv 956.9 MB
    icon Episode 71 The Hunt for Cell Is On! Goku, Back in Action!.mkv 957.9 MB
    icon Episode 72 Break the Super Saiyan Barrier! Into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber!.mkv 957.3 MB
    icon Episode 73 The Super Namekian Powers Up! Piccolo vs. Android 17!.mkv 956.1 MB
    icon Episode 74 Run Android 17! Piccolo's All-or-Nothing Struggle!.mkv 958.1 MB
    icon Episode 75 Power Unknown! Android 16 Breaks His Silence!.mkv 956.9 MB
    icon Episode 76 Tien's Desperate Attack! Save Your Friends, Goku!.mkv 956.2 MB
    icon Episode 77 Beyond Super Saiyan! Vegeta Confronts the Monster Cell!.mkv 955.6 MB
    icon Episode 78 Cell on the Verge of Defeat! Krillin, Destroy Android 18!.mkv 958.5 MB
    icon Episode 79 The Battle Turns for the Worst... Cell Attacks Android 18!.mkv 957.1 MB
    icon Episode 8 Shenron Appears! The Saiyans Arrive Sooner than Expected!.mkv 958.4 MB
    icon Episode 80 The Tables Are Turned! Witness the Power of Perfection!.mkv 955.4 MB
    icon Episode 81 Vegeta's Final Push! Defeat the Invincible Cell!.mkv 956 MB
    icon Episode 82 The Strongest Super Saiyan! Trunks' Power Unleashed!.mkv 960.1 MB
    icon Episode 83 Cell Invades the Airwaves! Announcing,The Cell Games.mkv 958.2 MB
    icon Episode 84 Training Complete! Goku Sizes Up the Competition!.mkv 956.6 MB
    icon Episode 85 The Truce is Broken! The Defense Force Strikes Back at Cell!.mkv 957.4 MB
    icon Episode 86 A New Guardian! The Return of the Dragon Balls!.mkv 955.6 MB
    icon Episode 87 Mr. Satan Takes the Stage! The Curtain Rises on the Cell Games.mkv 958.7 MB
    icon Episode 88 Showdown! Cell vs. Goku!.mkv 958.4 MB
    icon Episode 89 Battle at the Highest Level! Goku Goes All Out!.mkv 956 MB
    icon Episode 9 Yamcha's Struggle! The Terrible Saibamen!.mkv 959 MB
    icon Episode 90 The Opening Round Is Concluded! Goku's Moment of Decision!.mkv 958.7 MB
    icon Episode 91 Get Angry, Gohan! Release Your Hidden Power!.mkv 958 MB
    icon Episode 92 Tears For An Android! Gohan's Inner Rage Bursts Forth!.mkv 958.3 MB
    icon Episode 93 Unleash the Warrior Within! Gohan Takes the Offensive!.mkv 956.5 MB
    icon Episode 94 Perfection's End! A Fury, Beyond Super Saiyan!.mkv 961.4 MB
    icon Episode 95 A Hero's Sacrifice! Last Chance to Save the World!.mkv 961.1 MB
    icon Episode 96 Combine Your Strength! The Final Kamehame-Ha!.mkv 960.9 MB
    icon Episode 97 A Bittersweet Victory! Until We Meet Again!.mkv 956.9 MB
    icon Episode 98 Peace For the Future! The Spirit of Goku is Forever!.mkv 937.5 MB
    icon Episode 99 Seven Years Later! Starting Today, Gohan Is a High School Student.mkv 880.6 MB

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