Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (1977) [2020 PBTHAL 45 RPM LP 24-96 FLAC] vtwin88cube

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10/30/20 at 2:20am GMT+1
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  • Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (1977) [2020 PBTHAL 45 RPM LP 24-96 FLAC] vtwin88cube
  • icon 07.-The Chain.flac 90.4 MB
    icon 02.-Dreams.flac 88.2 MB
    icon 05.-Go Your Own Way.flac 78.5 MB
    icon 10.-Oh Daddy.flac 77.4 MB
    icon 08.-You Make Loving Fun.flac 75 MB
    icon 04.-Don't Stop.flac 68.3 MB
    icon 09.-I Don't Want To Know.flac 67.9 MB
    icon 06.-Songbird.flac 62.4 MB
    icon 01.-Second Hand News.flac 57.7 MB
    icon 03.-Never Going Back Again.flac 42.6 MB
    icon 00.-Fleetwood Mac - Rumours.m3u 269 B
    icon Spectrograms/03.-Never Going Back Again.flac.png 231.7 KB
    icon Spectrograms/09.-I Don't Want To Know.flac.png 223.8 KB
    icon Spectrograms/01.-Second Hand News.flac.png 223.5 KB
    icon Spectrograms/08.-You Make Loving Fun.flac.png 220.9 KB
    icon Spectrograms/04.-Don't Stop.flac.png 220.9 KB
    icon Spectrograms/07.-The Chain.flac.png 218.3 KB
    icon Spectrograms/05.-Go Your Own Way.flac.png 217.8 KB
    icon Spectrograms/02.-Dreams.flac.png 213.1 KB
    icon Spectrograms/11.-Gold Dust Woman.flac.png 206.3 KB
    icon Spectrograms/06.-Songbird.flac.png 201.6 KB
    icon Spectrograms/10.-Oh Daddy.flac.png 195.3 KB
    icon folder.jpg 140.3 KB
    icon 11.-Gold Dust Woman.flac 105.5 MB
    icon DR14.txt 1.4 KB

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