Largo Winch

Original Name: Largo Winch 2008 FRENCH 720p BluRay H264 AAC-VXT

Largo Winch 2008 FRENCH 720p BluRay H264 AAC<span style=color:#39a8bb>-VXT</span>
Largo Winch
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Largo (Winch) is the illegitimate son of Nerio Winch, a billionaire industrialist, who did business very much in a greyish manner. When Nerio sensed that his time was up he named Largo his heir, who didn't know that Nerio's his father. Together with Simon, a friend whom he met when he was in prison, Joy, Nerio's bodyguard, Karinsky, a former KGB computer expert, and John Sullivan, Nerio's attorney, Largo tries to right some of the wrongs that Nerio may have done and to keep up the good that he has done. And every now and then Largo has to shoot his way out the situation that he finds himself in.
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Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
48 min.
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