42 Assorted Computers and Technology Books Collection April 8, 2021 FBO

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  • 42 Assorted Computers and Technology Books Collection April 8, 2021 FBO
  • icon Blockchain and Banking by Pierluigi Martino.epub 9.8 MB
    icon Python 3 for Science and Engineering by Felix Bittmann.pdf 8.5 MB
    icon Smart and Sustainable Intelligent Systems by Namita Gupta.pdf 76.9 MB
    icon Augmented and Mixed Reality for Communities by Joshua A. Fisher.pdf 7.2 MB
    icon Web Development with Clojure, 3rd Edition by Dmitri Sotnikov.pdf 67.6 MB
    icon Cleaning Data for Effective Data Science by David Mertz.pdf 6.6 MB
    icon Python Basics by David Amos.pdf 6.5 MB
    icon Building Secure Cars by Dennis Kengo Oka.pdf 6 MB
    icon Introduction to Machine Learning by Hicham, Mohamed Ibnalkadi.epub 5.9 MB
    icon Google Adwords For Beginners by Elinda Lara.epub 5.9 MB
    icon Machine Learning in Browser by Nagender Kumar Suryadevara.pdf 5.7 MB
    icon Creating and Managing Virtual by Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli.epub 5 MB
    icon Microsoft Excel 2019 by Mark Page T.Hopper.epub 4.7 MB
    icon Basics of Hacking and Penetration by Patrick Engebretson.pdf 4.5 MB
    icon Introduction to Digital Communications by Joachim Speidel.epub 38.6 MB
    icon Learn Python In 24 Hours For Beginners by S Basu.pdf 3.7 MB
    icon Better Embedded System Software by Philip Koopman.epub 3.6 MB
    icon Python Programming by T.L.John.pdf 3.2 MB
    icon Next Level Cybersecurity by Sai Huda.pdf 3.1 MB
    icon Knowledge Graphs by Mayank Kejriwal.epub 27.5 MB
    icon Samsung Galaxy S21 For Dummies by Bill Hughes.epub 26 MB
    icon Hello Web Design by Tracy Osborn.epub 24.5 MB
    icon Ham Radio For Dummies by H. Ward Silver.epub 24.3 MB
    icon Excel Crash Course for Engineers by Eklas Hossain.pdf 21.8 MB
    icon Azure Data Engineering Cookbook by Ahmad Osama.epub 21.3 MB
    icon The Cloud Developer Workbook by Ryan H. Lewis.pdf 2.8 MB
    icon Machine Learning for Decision by Patanjali Kashyap.epub 2.7 MB
    icon Excel Basics For Beginners by Henry E. Mejia.pdf 2.6 MB
    icon Architecting Google Cloud Solutions by Victor Dantas.epub 17.2 MB
    icon Take Control of Scrivener 3 by Kirk McElhearn.epub 16.9 MB
    icon Thinking Machines by Shigeyuki Takano.pdf 16.4 MB
    icon How Video Works 2nd Edition by Marcus Weise.pdf 13.6 MB
    icon Getting Started with Coding, 2nd Edition by Camille McCue.epub 13.5 MB
    icon Learn Python Visually by Tristan Bunn.epub 12.7 MB
    icon The Myth of Artificial Intelligence by Erik J. Larson.pdf 12 MB
    icon Closing the Analytics Talent Gap by Jennifer Priestley.pdf 12 MB
    icon Practical Machine Learning in Python by Malcolm Gloyer.epub 11.1 MB
    icon Genetic Algorithms in Elixir by Sean Moriarity.epub 10.9 MB
    icon The Basics of Information Security, 2nd Ed. by Jason Andress.pdf 10.7 MB
    icon Explore Software Defined Radio by Wolfram Donat.epub 10.3 MB
    icon Supercharge Your Slack Productivity by David Markovich.epub 10 MB
    icon How Linux Works, 3rd Edition by Brian Ward.epub 1.8 MB

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