Elvis Presley - Fifty Original Film Tracks (2022) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️

Elvis Presley - Fifty Original Film Tracks (2022) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️
08/06/22 at 6:36pm GMT+1
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  • Elvis Presley - Fifty Original Film Tracks (2022) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️
  • icon 17. Doin the Best I Can (From _GI Blues_).mp3 7.4 MB
    icon cover (1).jpg 63.7 KB
    icon 35. Lonesome Cowboy (From _Loving You_).mp3 6.9 MB
    icon 09. Frankfort Special (From _GI Blues_).mp3 6.9 MB
    icon 19. Love Me Tender (From _Love Me Tender_).mp3 6.6 MB
    icon 42. Blueberry Hill (From _Loving You_).mp3 6.1 MB
    icon 15. Didja'ever (From _GI Blue_).mp3 6.1 MB
    icon 11. Gi Blues (From _GI Blues_).mp3 6.1 MB
    icon 46. I Need You So (From _Loving You_).mp3 6 MB
    icon 49. One Night of Sin (From _Loving You_).mp3 6 MB
    icon 12. Pocketful of Rainbows (From _GI Blues_).mp3 6 MB
    icon 21. We're Gonna Move (From _Love Me Tender_).mp3 5.9 MB
    icon 01. Jailhouse Rock (From _Jailhouse Rock_).mp3 5.8 MB
    icon 31. Young Dreams (From _King Creole_).mp3 5.8 MB
    icon 39. Got a Lot O'livin'to Do (From _Loving You_).mp3 5.8 MB
    icon 45. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (From _Loving You_).mp3 5.8 MB
    icon 48. Is It so Strange (From _Loving You_).mp3 5.7 MB
    icon 26. Trouble (From _King Creole_).mp3 5.5 MB
    icon 13. Shoppin Around (From _GI Blues_).mp3 5.5 MB
    icon 29. Lover Doll (From _King Creole_).mp3 5.3 MB
    icon 23. King Creole (From _King Creole_).mp3 5.3 MB
    icon 02. Treat Me Nice (From _Jailhouse Rock_).mp3 5.3 MB
    icon 20. Poor Boy (From _Love Me Tender_).mp3 5.3 MB
    icon 08. What's She Really Like (From _GI Blues_).mp3 5.3 MB
    icon 07. Tonight Is so Right for Love (From _GI Blues_).mp3 5.2 MB
    icon 06. I Want to Be Free (From _Jailhouse Rock_).mp3 5.2 MB
    icon 22. Let Me (From _Love Me Tender_).mp3 5.1 MB
    icon 38. Loving You (From _Loving You_).mp3 5.1 MB
    icon 28. Don't Ask Me Why (From _King Creole_).mp3 5.1 MB
    icon 04. Young and Beautiful (From _Jailhouse Rock_).mp3 5 MB
    icon 47. Tell Me Why (From _Loving You_).mp3 4.9 MB
    icon 36. Mean Woman Blues (From _Loving You_).mp3 4.9 MB
    icon 43. True Love (From _Loving You_).mp3 4.9 MB
    icon 03. Don't Leave Me Now (From _Jailhouse Rock_).mp3 4.9 MB
    icon 16. Blue Suede Shoes (From _GI Blues_).mp3 4.9 MB
    icon 33. New Orleans (From _King Creole_).mp3 4.9 MB
    icon 10. Wooden Heart (From _GI Blues_).mp3 4.8 MB
    icon 25. Hard Headed Woman (From _King Creole_).mp3 4.7 MB
    icon 44. Don't Leave Me Now (From _Loving You_).mp3 4.6 MB
    icon 30. Crawfish (From _King Creole_).mp3 4.5 MB
    icon 24. As Long as I Have You (From _King Creole_).mp3 4.5 MB
    icon 05. You're so Square Baby I Don't Care (From _Jailhouse Rock_).mp3 4.4 MB
    icon 34. Danny (From _King Creole_).mp3 4.4 MB
    icon 27. Dixieland Rock (From _King Creole_).mp3 4.4 MB
    icon 50. When It Rains It Really Pours (From _Loving You_).mp3 4.2 MB
    icon 37. Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear (From _Loving You_).mp3 4.1 MB
    icon 14. Big Boots (From _GI Blues_).mp3 3.6 MB
    icon 41. Let's Have a Party (From _Loving You_).mp3 3.3 MB
    icon 18. Tonights All Right for Love (From _GI Blues_).mp3 3.2 MB
    icon 32. Steadfast Loyal and True (From _King Creole_).mp3 3.2 MB
    icon 40. Hot Dog (From _Loving You_).mp3 2.8 MB
    icon INFO.nfo 1.1 KB

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